Quel vin offrir quand on est invité ?

What wine to offer when you are invited?

In France, the custom is to offer wine to our host when we are invited. The famous question then arises: which wine to offer? Such a difficult answer to give, as there are so many different wines and vintages. Fortunately, there are safe bets that will guarantee you never go wrong. Here are some tips for choosing a wine to offer on your next invitations .

Offer wine for a family meal

The great thing about family is that you're supposed to know everyone well enough to know what their tastes and personalities are. After having shared numerous family dinners, the choice of wine should therefore not pose a problem. You then have plenty of time to select a good bottle of wine according to the profile of the guests.

  • For wine lovers with an open and curious mind: with these people, you can afford to choose the bottle of wine that you want, and focusing on originality can be a good gift idea (a small little-known domain, an unexpected wine...);
  • For more demanding connoisseurs: for these wine lovers, the perfect gift will certainly be a great wine , such as the red wines of Bordeaux.

And if you are lucky enough to know in advance the meal that the wine will accompany, you can offer a good bottle of wine depending on the food and wine pairing .

Offer wine for a dinner with friends

Have good manners taught you to never come empty-handed to a meal with friends? We advise you to choose your bottle to offer according to the group. Indeed, in this case, it is not really a personal gift for the host that we are looking for, but rather a wine to drink with friends , in a good mood.

And very often, friends all have different characters. It is therefore better to find a wine that is easy to drink , rather young, and with good value for money. Our selection of wines guides you towards a red Côtes du Rhône, a rosé wine from Provence, or even a white wine from the Loire Valley. Safe values ​​that will never fail you.

Offer wine for a big event

If the purpose of your invitation is festive, such as a birthday, a retirement, or even a wedding or a reception, it is better to bring out the large bottles of wine . Of course, once again the preferences of the group must be taken into account. The more guests there are, the more it will be wise to turn to safe values.

  • Champagne is essential for festive tables;
  • The Médoc and Bordeaux wine regions are perfect for great red wines ;
  • The great wines of Burgundy elegantly accompany festive dishes...

Offering wine: the little extra touch that hits the mark

It is often said that a good wine is sufficient in itself. But why not add a little personal touch to your gift, by accompanying your bottle of wine with a little treat : a box of chocolates, a bouquet of lollipops... For a romantic dinner, add a scented candle and that's it. is played! And if you can't decide, then think about the gift box with several bottles of wine, or an assortment of wine and delicacies.

Wines to offer from the MDCV group estates

If you are a fan of Provence wines , you will inevitably find what you are looking for in the different areas of the MDCV group. Enough to make an essential gift without ever falling for the easy way.

  • Rosé 2021 AOP Côtes de Provence Ultimate Provence : presented in its elegant bottle, this rosé wine from Provence is the ideal gift for an important event. But its freshness and floral and spicy notes also make it a perfect gift for a friendly meal with friends, around daring cuisine;

  • Rosé 2020 AOP Côtes de Provence Origin : this organic rosé wine is the type of gift to offer to gourmets concerned about the quality of the products and the expression of the terroir. Its aromas of stone fruits, spices and mint will bring you together around fusion cuisine or a good Moroccan tagine;

  • Rosé 2021 IGP Méditerranée Esprit Méditerranée : ideal for an aperitif dinner with friends, this Esprit Méditerranée rosé wine cuvée is the perfect wine to delight everyone, thanks to its freshness and its notes of red fruits and summer fruits;

  • Red 2018 AOP Côtes de Provence Grande Récolte : for a formal dinner, red wine is appropriate, and this Grande Récolte cuvée will seduce everyone with its aromas of plums, black fruits, pepper and licorice;

  • White 2020 AOP Côtes de Provence Terres de Berne : distinguished guest of aperitifs, this white wine from Provence seduces with its balance and freshness. The aromas of lemon, mint and white flowers adapt to many dishes, whether oriental, Asian, or even Provençal.

Are you invited and you don't know what wine to offer ? Do not hesitate to ask for expert advice by going directly to the wine producer. And if you are passing through Provence, the winegrowers of the Domaine de Berne will be delighted to guide you in your choice of wines.

Our selection of wines

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White 2017 AOP Côtes de ProvenceChâteau de Berne Grande Cuvée
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