Les vins du Château des Bertrands <br>Vignoble des Côtes de Provence

The wines of the Château des Bertrands
Côtes de Provence vineyard

Discover all the wines of the vines of the Château des Bertrands


      Rosé Vin de FranceLa Petite des Bertrands

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      Cardboard of 6 bottles - 75 cl
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      Rosé 2021 AOP Côtes de ProvenceLa Réserve des Bertrands

      77,40 €
      Cardboard of 6 bottles - 75 cl
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      White 2020 AOP Côtes de ProvenceChâteau des Bertrands

      96 €
      Cardboard of 6 bottles - 75cl
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      The Château des Bertrands and its wine estate.

      A setting protected by the Maures chain, Château des Bertrands is located on the western limit of the Estérel Massif, whose terroir is characterized by silica from the Permian depression (sandstone) and rhyolites. The fruit of a geology born with the Massif des Maures more than 500 million years ago, these stony soils are made up of pink sandstone and sandy soils on which we mainly find maquis, in a region mainly marked by scrubland. .
      These unique characteristics are those of the “Notre-Dame-des-Anges” terroir, known as one of the most renowned in all of Provence. This geographical name, complementary to the Côtes-de-Provence appellation which covers 97 hectares, has just been fully recognized: the first rosé and red wines from this terroir are claimed for the 2019 vintage, in addition to the AOC Côtes- de-Provence.
      The Rascas Rosé Château des Bertrands vintage pays homage to this unique territory with a fine and elegant wine. It is with the ambition to extract all the essence of this historic terroir that the estate's winegrowers work day after day in this majestic setting, facing the mountain.
      Benefiting from a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, intense sunshine and a dominant east wind, Château des Bertrands is at the heart of a terroir of excellence, which is reflected in the purity and complexity of the wines that he proposes.

      What are the differences between the vintages offered?

      DGC “Notre-Dame-des-Anges”, the Rascas vintage is a rare vintage born from the careful selection of the best juices. It reveals all the delicacy specific to Château des Bertrands and is only produced in certain years, when the Cellar Master recommends it. Fruit of the blend of the oldest vines of Grenache, Cinsault and Rolle, it owes its unique character to partial aging in selected barrels .
      Château des Bertrands also offers more classic vintages in three colors called “Château des Bertrands”. For the Château des Bertrands rosé cuvée, the combination of grape varieties, cultivated with care and precision on a recognized terroir in Provence, offers a remarkable structure to this cuvée. It is all the minerality of light soils made of sand and sandstone that we find in this unique rosé.
      For the white wine of Château des Bertrands made from the Rolle and Ugni blanc grape varieties, it is intended to be frank with a beautiful intense yellow color with green reflections reminiscent of the southern sun.
      For the red wine of Château des Bertrands, the intense depth of its brilliant purple color calls for curiosity. The bouquet announces a boldness and character conferred by the blend of Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon grape varieties: red fruits, pepper, liquorice and oriental spices. On the palate, we find a rich and beautiful aromatic structure with controlled and elegant extraction.

      What are the characteristics of Château des Bertrands wines?

      Château des Bertrands gives pride of place to the natural elegance of its wines. An emblematic land of rosés, Château des Bertrands nevertheless remains very attached to producing whites and reds of great lineage with gastronomic profiles, which will accompany the finest food and wine pairings during great tasting moments. These exceptional characteristics give the wines great legitimacy, particularly on the tables of starred restaurants.

      What are the best possible food and wine pairings with Château des Bertrands wines?

      The undisputed presence of Château des Bertrands rosé goes wonderfully with a homemade salmon gravelax, goat's cheese and speck involtini or even grilled fish.
      At the restaurant “Le Jardin de Berne*” in Flayosc, this cuvée accompanies a dessert mixing raspberry and peppers signed by pastry chef Eric Raynal.
      The explosive finish of Château des Bertrands white with delicious lemon zest goes well with a beautiful grilled royal sea bream, sea bass in a salt crust or a pomelo and pink shrimp salad.
      Château des Bertrands red is the ideal companion to a beef carpaccio, a Korean barbecue but also a magnificent matured beef fillet. The elegant vintage Rascas sublimates the dark chocolate bark and its Orelys whiskey ice cream, creation of pastry chef Éric Raynal, winner of the “Passion Dessert 2020” selection of the Michelin Guide, to be enjoyed at the restaurant Le jardin de Berne in Flayosc.