Les meilleurs vins rosés AOC Côtes de Provence

The best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines

Provence is renowned for its rosé wines, which account for 90% of wine production in this sunny French wine region. Among the 9 appellations of Provence, the AOC Côtes de Provence produces exceptional rosé wines. Let's meet the best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines .


The AOC Côtes de Provence appellation

Before looking at AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines , let's focus on what this prestigious appellation is.

What is the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée)

The controlled designation of origin (AOC) often goes hand in hand with the protected designation of origin (AOP) . The first represents a French label, while the second is a European sign. Both have in common that they promote the terroir and the know-how of the winegrowers. Products bearing an AOC or AOP therefore come from a particular geographical area, of which the terroir gives all the characteristics.

As a general rule, a French AOC product then bears the European AOP name, because the specifications are the same. Rigorous monitoring of compliance with label conditions is carried out regularly by organizations approved by the INAO.

The Côtes de Provence appellation

The AOC Côtes de Provence is an appellation recognized in 1977, with vineyards covering nearly 20,000 hectares, and 84 communes in 3 departments in the south of France: Var, Bouches-du-Rhône, and a tiny part of the Alpes-Maritimes. The Côtes de Provence appellation alone represents nearly ¾ of the production of Provence wines.

The Provençal terroir allows the vines to benefit from a Mediterranean climate, with lots of sunshine and hot summers, always with a bit of Mistral, a wind from the sea that is very popular with Provence grapes.

The geology of the AOC Côtes de Provence makes it possible to obtain rosé wines typical of the terroir, with limestone soils in the northwest and crystalline soils in the southeast. These differences in terroirs offer a great diversity of Provence wines, with varied and unique characteristics (color, taste, aroma, etc.).

The wines of Provence , whether red wine, white wine, or rosé wine, are produced from Provençal grape varieties that thrive on the terroir: Clairette, Grenache, Syrah, Sémillon, Cabernet, etc. Aged in barrels or in tuns. , the AOC Côtes de Provence wines are then the reflection of a terroir and a unique know-how, of which the production of rosé wine is undoubtedly the strength.

Thus, of the 868,000 hectoliters of Provence wines produced each year, nearly 800,000 hectoliters are devoted to Provence rosé wine .


The best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines

Rosé wines are extremely diverse, and mainly depend on the vineyard of production. And if for a long time we assimilated rosé wine to a simple and unremarkable alcoholic drink, today we know how to recognize very good AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines .

Their color varies, from pretty pale salmon to deep raspberry pink, and the nose is fruity, with beautiful notes of black fruits and red fruits (blackberry, red currant, blackcurrant, raspberry, etc.), and spicy and vegetal aromas (anise, thyme, fennel, bay leaf, pine bark, scrubland). We also appreciate the generosity, finesse and balance of this rosé wine from France.

The best vintages of AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines

All wines from France and elsewhere are classified according to numerous criteria, including vintage. The grape harvest year is sometimes out of the ordinary, offering exceptional rosé wines. We note, for the rosé wine of the Côtes de Provence appellation , the year 1998, particularly remarkable, followed by the years 1983, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1995, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Our selection of the best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines

There are numerous AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Here is a small selection of the best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines .

  • Château des Bertrands – rosé wine 2020: an AOP Côtes de Provence rosé with notes of white-fleshed fruits (pear and peach) which offers a beautiful sweetness to accompany white fish or goat cheese;
  • Château Miraval - rosé 2020: this rosé wine with aromas of fresh fruit and mineral notes highlights aperitifs, but also Provençal cuisine based on summer vegetables and fish;
  • Château Saint-Roux – rosé wine 2020: fresh and balanced, this AOC Côtes de Provence organic rosé wine offers a beautiful complexity, perfect for enhancing goat cheese or good Mediterranean dishes;
  • Château de Berne - cuvée Les Oliviers - rosé wine 2020: the aromas of vine peach in this rosé wine from Provence offer a harmonious marriage with Mediterranean recipes (vegetable tian, Niçoise salad, etc.) and grilled fish;
  • Château Tour Saint Honoré - AOC Côtes de Provence Sixtine - Rosé 2021: served as an aperitif, with grilled fish or Provençal dishes, this organic rosé wine from Provence expresses the terroir of La Londe, with aromas of exotic fruits and citrus fruits and flowers.

Synonymous with relaxation and sunshine, Provence is also the cradle of the greatest rosé wines. Meet winegrowers from different estates to discover the best AOC Côtes de Provence rosé wines .

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