choisir vin rosé pour les fêtes

Which rosé wine to choose for the holidays?

Once the holiday meal is established, it's time to move on to choosing wine. You then have to find the best bottle for a successful food and wine pairing. Let's then turn to rosé wines , and discover how to invite them to your tables successfully.

Rosé wine as an aperitif

Rosé wine is generally the star of summer aperitifs , but it is also perfect to start a festive meal. It is then necessary to choose it fresh and light, so that it does not saturate the taste buds before even sitting down at the table. Friendly, fruity and tangy, direct pressing rosé wine is ideal for starting your holiday meal in style.

Rosé as a starter

As with an aperitif, rosé wine is a wine of choice to serve as a starter . It goes quite easily with all kinds of dishes, and allows you to be discreet, but tasty, before launching into more expressive wines with the main course. This type of wine is particularly recommended to accompany starters based on seafood or fish , and why not with oysters or your salmon toast? And if you want to surprise your guests, opt for a rosé wine to accompany your foie gras .

Rosé wine and fish

Tradition dictates that fish is served with white wines, but you can also go off the beaten track by choosing a rosé wine with subtle fruit notes. Its freshness will be very appreciated, and will highlight the delicate flavors of the fish. Of course, the bottle of wine must be chosen according to the fish, its cooking, or even the sauce that will accompany it. Generally speaking, fruity and fresh rosés will be real allies.

Rosé wines with meat and poultry

If you used to serve light red wines with your Christmas poultry, this year you can be original by opting for a bottle of rosé wine . This more subtle and lighter choice is a guarantee of quality for your poultry , but also for your white meats, which will be highlighted without the wine taking over in the mouth.

If you opt for a more flavorful meat, such as duck, then choose a maceration rosé wine , which is more expressive and more aromatic.

Rosé wines with cheese

Many gourmets think they are making the right choice by serving red wines with cheese. Still, it's not the best pairing, and white wines and rosé wines make better pairings. You can then serve a pressed rosé wine with a fresh, young cheese , such as goat's cheese, and opt for a bleeding rosé wine with characterful cheeses , such as Saint-Marcellin, or Brillat-Savarin.

Rosé wines for dessert

To end your holiday meal in style, dessert should be enhanced by a fresh, not too sweet rosé. The fruit aromas will be pleasant, and the freshness will allow the meal to end lightly. And for a festive side, why not turn to a sparkling rosé ?

Our selection of rosé wines for your celebrations

Your holiday menu is established, all you have to do is choose the wines? The MDCV group recommends a selection of rosé wines from Provence perfect for your festive meals.

Our rosés from Provence as an aperitif

From the aperitif, surprise your guests by serving bottles of rosé wine with a pretty pink color and delicate aromas:

In addition to delighting the taste buds, these bottles of wine will also surprise and seduce with their pretty, very elegant bottles.

Our rosés from Provence with fish

With your grilled fish or your fish in sauce, the fruit notes of the rosé wines from the MDCV group will work wonders. Let yourself be seduced by the aromas of exotic fruits, red fruits, or even citrus fruits of these pretty light-colored wines:

Our rosés from Provence with meat

Continue your holiday meal with white meat or poultry, and select a fruity rosé wine , which will seduce with its aromas and pretty pink color:

You now know which bottles of rosé wine to serve for your holiday meal . Visit our online store to fill up on the sun, with our exceptional rosé wines from Provence.

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