Les vin rosé d'été

Rosé wines: a safe bet for summer

For several years now, rosé wine has enjoyed great success as soon as the warm weather arrives. A true star of summer, this fruity and fresh wine can be enjoyed by the pool or during barbecue evenings, for tasty summer aperitifs. So let’s find out what makes rosé wine so successful in summer .


How is rosé wine made?

To understand all the originality and qualities of a rosé wine, it is essential to know the rosé manufacturing process . It results from the know-how of the winemaker and the winemaking method. Thus, after having cultivated and harvested one or more black grape varieties, two winemaking techniques are possible, and make it possible to obtain very different rosé wines.

The production of rosé wine by bleeding

To obtain a rosé wine from saignée , the winemaker must first vinify red wine. Then, after 12 to 24 hours of maceration, he takes the juice from the bottom of the vat, to stop the process and prevent the pigments from the grape skins from continuing to color the juice. Thus, the wine remaining in the vat continues its maceration to become red wine, and the rosé wine from bleeding is placed in another vat, to immediately pass to alcoholic fermentation.

Finally, rosé wine from saignée is a red wine whose maceration has been stopped prematurely.

The production of rosé wine by direct pressing

The second rosé winemaking technique consists of pressing the grapes immediately after harvesting and destemming. Pressed very slowly, the grapes burst and leave the grape juice and grape skin in contact for a short time. This is what allows the grape juice to take on a pretty pink color.


Generally speaking, pressed rosé wine is clearer, fresher and fruitier than saignée wine.


A wine appreciated for its freshness and lightness

If rosé wine is so successful in summer, it is because it offers a beautiful freshness, very appreciable on hot summer days. Its fruity aromas are also very pleasant and light, which allows rosé wines to accompany many dishes and aperitifs, or even to drink alone. Pairing food and wine is then easy, whether with a picnic, a grill, a traditional dish, or even gourmet cuisine.

Rather affordable, rosé wine can be enjoyed all summer, but also all year round.


Rosé wines of Provence

Proud representative of the exceptional character of French rosé wines , Provence knows how to stand out by offering unique bottles of rosé. Among them, our vintages are worth discovering without delay.

  • Maison N°9 by Post Malone rosé 2021 - IGP Méditerranée: made in collaboration with Post Malone, this cuvée reveals aromas of peach and candy and asserts itself with its beautiful balance and minerality;
  • La Petite des Bertrands rosé 2021 : fresh and fruity, this tasty cuvée offers all the deliciousness of summer fruit aromas;
  • Ultimate Provence rosé 2021 - AOP Côtes de Provence: beautifully adorned with its signature bottle, the UP rosé wine reveals an aromatic complexity that is both fruity and floral, for a bold and modern rosé;
  • Château de Berne cuvée PUR - rosé 2021 - AOP Côtes de Provence: this organic rosé wine is the purest expression of the Provencal terroir. Its pale color and notes of exotic fruits make it a wine of choice to accompany a salad, an aperitif or grilled meat;
  • Grande Récolte – domaine de Berne - Rosé 2021 - AOC Côtes de Provence: with its round and fruity mouth, and its fruity and floral notes, this rosé wine works wonders with Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Romance – domaine de Berne - Rosé 2021 - IGP Méditerranée: ideal for an aperitif or to accompany a Provençal dish, this summer rosé cuvée offers the tastiest notes of red fruits and citrus fruits;
  • Émotion - Rosé 2021 - IGP Méditerranée: summer wine par excellence, this refreshing cuvée reveals flavors of stone fruit (Brugnon), perfect for enhancing grilled fish or Southern cuisine;
  • Du KIF - Rosé 2020 - IGP Méditerranée : like the label on its bottle, this rosé cuvée from Provence is an explosion of fruity and gourmet flavors, ideal for a Mediterranean aperitif.

Are you one of those who love rosé wine in summer ? Make the pleasure last all year round by discovering the rosé wines of Provence from the most beautiful wine estates in the region.

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