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How does the type of wine glass influence the taste of wine?

When you go to a large restaurant, you can sometimes be surprised by the number of wine glasses placed in front of each guest. However, each of them has its own role, and helps reveal the full potential of a particular type of wine. Let's find out how the type of wine glass influences wine tasting .

Wine glasses: materials and colors

Before focusing on the shape or size of the wine glass, it is important to know the basics of wine tasting , to avoid unsuitable wines.

Firstly, a wine glass must be made of fine glass or crystal . We then forget about plastic glass, even if it can help out during a picnic, thick glass, or even metal glass. Beautiful glasses are generally made of crystal, because it is the ideal material to reveal all the qualities of a wine.

Secondly, the wine glass must be colorless . The transparency then makes it possible to carry out a visual examination of the wine, that is to say, to admire and analyze the color of the wine.

Finally, to taste wine, it is always advisable to choose stemmed glasses . This allows you to hold the glass without having to touch the part containing the wine. This way, the wine does not heat up on contact with your fingers.

Which wine glass to serve red wine?

A red wine must be able to breathe to release its aromas upon contact with oxygen, so the choice of glass is crucial. Glasses with wide rims are therefore preferred for drinking red wine, because they allow a good contact surface between the air and the wine, thus allowing the red wine to oxygenate. It is for this same reason that these types of wine are also served in tall glasses.

We then distinguish several types of red wine glasses:

  • Bordeaux red wine glasses are large, with a chalice and wide rims, making it easier to aerate the wine. Also called tulip glass , this type of glass is most used for red wine, and allows tannic wines to breathe perfectly;
  • Burgundy red wine glasses , also called balloons , have the same morphology as Bordeaux glasses, but the shape is more rounded, to restrict aeration and concentrate the aromas more. This particularly meets the needs of Pinot Noir, a Burgundian grape variety sensitive to oxidation.

What types of wine glasses to drink white wine?

Generally speaking, white wine glasses adopt a straight-edged shape , like a "U", and the chalice is much smaller than for red wines. Contact with air is therefore less important, because aeration of white wines is not necessarily necessary. On the other hand, this form allows the freshness of the wine to be maintained for longer.

Indeed, remember that white wine is enjoyed chilled, and that the less the wine spreads in the wine, the more it retains its freshness.

In which glass to serve rosé wine?

Just like white wine, rosé wine does not particularly need to be oxygenated. A medium-sized glass is therefore sufficient. This is how we find rosé wine glasses smaller than red wine glasses, and often similar to white wine glasses. Indeed, rosé wine is also drunk very chilled, and the arguments of the small chalice and straight edges also apply to it.

Furthermore, the smaller opening allows the aromas of the rosé wine to be released directly into the taster's mouth.

Sparkling wine: flute or coupe?

Some claim that the Champagne glass was molded on the breast of Marie-Antoinette, others think that it is the breast of the Marquise de Pompadour. But, whatever its origin, this shape of glass is not really suitable for tasting sparkling wine. The chalice and opening that are too wide allow the bubbles and aromas to escape far too quickly.

So what about the flute ? If it is the traditional container for drinking Champagne or cava, it is not ideal either. Unlike the cup, the flute does not leave enough room for the wine to express itself.

Finally, the classic wine glass , such as the tulip glass, remains ideal for fully enjoying the qualities of sparkling wines.

To taste a good wine, you must be able to offer it all the conditions to express itself intensely. The choice of wine glass is then one of the important criteria. You are now ready to choose the right glass depending on the type of wine.

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