Le rose piscine

Everything you need to know about swimming pool rosé

Every summer, pool rosé reappears at festive evenings and aperitifs with friends. It must be said that this fresh and fruity drink is ideal for quenching your thirst with conviviality and indulgence. But do you know all the secrets of rosé swimming pool wine ?

What is swimming pool rosé?

Drinking a swimming pool rosé is not simply the art of enjoying a good glass of rosé wine by a swimming pool. Pool rosé is more of a way to enjoy rosé in a different way (but nothing stops you from sipping it by a swimming pool!). It's then a matter of adding a nice quantity of ice cubes to your glass of wine, to enjoy a rosé smoothie completely uninhibited.

Although it is far from unanimous among great wine lovers, for whom ice in wine is sacrilege, pool rosé is nevertheless increasingly attractive for its delicate fragrance, its sweetness and its freshness.

The history of swimming pool rosé

Part of new consumption patterns, swimming pool rosé nevertheless has a long history behind it. It must be said that wine consumers did not wait for the 21st century to cool their rosé wine with ice cubes . Let's just say that, until now, this practice was reserved for beginners.

Since then, things have changed, and pool rosé has become a trendy and chic way to consume rosé wine . This more modern approach to drinking rosé wine was born at the initiative of Jacques Tranier, who conveyed the relaxed and uninhibited image of this new way of drinking rosé.

Which wines to choose for a swimming pool rosé?

Today, Rosé Piscine is a brand of rosé, but it is entirely possible to enjoy a rosé swimming pool by choosing the right bottle of wine. Generally speaking, the type of wine most suitable for this drink is a light rosé with a clear color , with floral notes (white flowers) and tangy fruity aromas (peach tone, lychee notes and mango flavors).

The freshness of the ice cubes then dissipates the alcoholic sensations, ending with an exotic finish.

Good to know: if the choice of wine is crucial, the choice of glass is also important. The wine glass must be large enough so that the ice cubes generously diffuse their freshness.

Our selection of swimming pool rosés

Does summer make you want something fresh? The MDCV group has selected for you 5 rosé wines perfect for a swimming pool rosé . All you have to do is bring the ice cube tray!

A real little treat with light and tasty aromas, swimming pool rosé is the thirst-quenching and refreshing star of summer! Let yourself be tempted by the wines of Provence to try this drink that you will never be able to do without.

Our selection of wines

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