Apéritif avec du vin rosés

Which wine to choose for a successful aperitif?

The aperitif is always a convivial moment, where everyone likes to enjoy a good little drink and some savory treats. The choice of wine can then prove complicated, because you have to find the bottle that will appeal to the greatest number of people. Discover some rules for choosing a wine for an aperitif .

Wine and aperitif: the basics for choosing well

Before going into the details of white wines, red wines and rosé wines, or choosing between still wine and sparkling wine, a few basic rules should be known. So, if you are invited to a friend's house, or you have people over at home, and you want to offer wine for an aperitif , start by avoiding the biggest mistakes :

  • Do not serve a grand cru , which will certainly saturate your taste buds before you have even started the meal. Furthermore, if the people who are going to taste the wine are not great wine lovers, they will not savor the grand cru at its true value, which can be considered a waste;
  • Do not serve a wine that is too sweet , which will impose itself on the palate and cover all the flavors of the dishes. Generally speaking, we forget the sweet wine and the sweet wine, which we reserve for dessert;
  • Do not serve a red wine that is too tannic , which will have the same effect as wine that is too sweet or grand cru. Its power is not suitable for an aperitif, whether it consists of chips or refined toast.

Which red wine to serve as an aperitif?

Red wine is completely welcome during a dinner aperitif or a classic aperitif. It also works wonders with charcuterie dishes or cheese platters. But you have to know how to choose it, to ensure that it is not too tannic or too powerful. Better, then, to turn to red wines that are round in the mouth and simple.

Château de Berne offers, as such, an excellent red wine from Provence. The Terres de Berne red 2019 is an AOP Côtes de Provence ideal for your aperitifs . Made from Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, this deep colored red wine offers fruity aromas and spicy notes which work wonders as an aperitif, and particularly with recipes from the South (black olive tapenade, tomato , garlic...).

Which white wine to choose for an aperitif?

White wine is generally a very popular choice as an aperitif, and it is in particular its freshness that appeals. So, it’s interesting to stay on the beaten track by opening a good bottle of white wine. You will then be sure to please most of your guests, and to be able to make easy food and wine pairings . In fact, white wines generally go well with most aperitif recipes. Be careful, however, not to choose the wrong white wine.

As we have seen, it is better to avoid sweet wines. Prefer a light and fresh white wine , with a fairly marked level of acidity, such as a Riesling or a Mâcon-Villages.

The MDCV group offers, again, a selection of white wines particularly suited to an aperitif, such as the Terres de Berne white 2020, in AOP Côtes de Provence, which has fruity and fresh aromas, or the Ultimate Provence white 2021, which offers notes of citrus and spices.

Which rosé wine to enjoy as an aperitif?

Rosé wines are one of the essential aperitifs , and they are appreciated for their lightness and freshness. And if they have long been consumed during the summer, they are now available on tables all year round. With rosé, it is difficult to go wrong, because it goes perfectly with light flavors as well as the most intense aperitifs. However, we should avoid certain more difficult aromas, particularly rosés that are too sweet.

The MDCV group then recommends 3 rosé wines from Provence , in IGP Méditerranée, to taste as an aperitif:

Champagne as an aperitif

Bubbles are often appreciated during aperitifs, because they bring a nice freshness to the mouth. In addition to being chic, Champagne and sparkling wines are allies for your dinner aperitifs. We particularly recommend the Crémant d'Alsace, and as for Provence wines, the sparkling rosé Berne brut nature is a sure bet.

Do you like to drink wine as an aperitif , but you never know which bottle to choose? From red to white, including rosé, there is a wide selection of wines that will seduce you.

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