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Choosing and buying wine online

E-commerce has opened the doors to new worlds, and allows consumers to afford products that were previously difficult to access. Long reluctant to sell bottles of wine online, producers and wine merchants are increasingly offering this option. On the consumer side, it is important to know how to choose your wine online so as not to be disappointed.

The different ways to buy wine

Today, buying wine has never been easier, with so many distribution channels available. Each of them then has advantages, but also disadvantages.

Buy your wine on site

Reassuring for many, purchasing wine on site allows you to have a good bottle immediately, and possibly benefit from advice and advantages.

  • Buy wine in supermarkets: easy to access, wine in supermarkets is often available in numerous references, from the most basic to the most prestigious. However, it is difficult to navigate, and no one will give you reliable advice;
  • Buying in wine cellars : a sure bet for the wine lover, the wine merchant is a specialized local retailer who selects bottles of wine and offers a wide choice. The wine merchant also offers his valuable expert advice to guide your wine selection ;
  • Buying wine directly from the producer: buying wine directly from the winegrower remains the preferred purchasing solution, because the direct sale of wine allows you to meet a terroir and an enthusiast with real know-how . He will be able to guide you in your choices and explain the history of each vintage, the manufacturing process, the organoleptic characteristics... With a little luck, you will even be able to participate in a wine tasting. Furthermore, buying wine from the producer also allows you to reduce intermediaries and take advantage of advantageous offers;
  • Buy wine at a wine fair : if you are curious to discover new producers and estates, the wine fair is the ideal place. You will meet many winegrowers there who offer a wide selection of wines, which you can taste before buying. As with purchasing a property , the professional answers all your questions and offers attractive prices.


Buy your wine on the Internet

If the wine offer is increasingly diversified, the purchasing possibilities are just as diversified, and the online wine trade takes different forms. It is then possible to buy wine online on different sites:

  • The general merchant site, which largely dominates the online sales sector, all sectors combined;
  • The merchant site specializing in the wine sector;
  • Wine merchants and wine sales companies who offer online sales of their bottles;
  • Large retail sites;
  • Producers who have developed their own e-commerce site for their wines.


Choosing your wine online: advice to follow

Choosing wine online is like finding yourself in front of a supermarket wine aisle stretched over several hundred meters. It's almost mission impossible! However, by following a few tips, you can find the bottle of wine that will meet your expectations.


Compare wines

It is common to find very similar wines from one site to another, or on the same site, but which do not display the same price. How do you know if there isn't a scam somewhere? The best is to use the wine comparators available free of charge on the web or on applications.

These solutions allow you to have a detailed description of the wine, a price range, opinions from consumers and oenologists, a tasting note... It is sometimes even possible to compare two bottles with each other to help you make your choice .


Read the wine bottle label

In the store, we pick up the bottle almost instinctively to read the label. On the Internet, searching for wine is the same way, and you need to take the time to read the label to get important information about the wine:

  • The label (AOC, AOP, IGP, Vin de Pays, etc.);
  • The vintage;
  • The origin of the wine;
  • The grape varieties used;
  • Bottling at the property;
  • The capacity of the bottle;
  • The rewards…


Read the delivery conditions

The method of storage of red wine, white wine or rosé wine is of capital importance, so it is essential to know the delivery conditions . You must be able to ensure that you do not receive at home a box of bottles broken into 1,000 pieces, but also to be sure that it is transported delicately, without excessive shaking or temperature shock.

The delivery conditions also include, of course, the delivery costs , and the delivery time . The goal is not to pay delivery costs 3 times higher than the price of the bottle itself, nor to wait 2 months before being delivered.

Do not hesitate to ask the site for precise information on these points before making a purchase.


Check payment methods and purchase conditions

Before placing an order for wine online , you should also read the different purchasing conditions. This then concerns the method of payment (credit card, Paypal, in installments, etc.), as well as the terms of purchase (single bottle, case of 6, minimum purchase, etc.).

Take advantage of this to ensure the quality and responsiveness of customer service when needed, and don't hesitate to ask them any questions that come to mind.


Contact seller

If large merchant sites are not always up to date with the products they sell, or at least not in detail, online wine merchants and producers will be able to inform you very precisely about the wines they sell.

So don't hesitate to contact them, as you would ask a question to the local wine merchant , for additional information, or for a guide in your choice, according to your tastes, a food and wine pairing, or your budget.


The advantages of buying wine online

The online wine trade is booming, and even the most reluctant agree on the advantages it represents.

Generally speaking, online sales are a quick, practical and efficient solution. But it is also an opportunity to have access to wines that you cannot find locally, or wines from estates that are unknown to you.

In just a few clicks, you can fill your basket with a wide range of very varied wines, coming from different French or foreign wine regions, and presenting very diverse characteristics: organic wine, yellow wine, vintage grand cru, small vintage from an independent producer. , sparkling wine…

The choice is immense, the opinions of Internet users guide you, the purchase is simplified and quick, and the price is often more attractive.

Be careful though, not all online wine stores are created equal, and some resellers are riding the wave to scam customers. To locate these sites, it is important to rely on the opinions of Internet users.


Buying wine online is not that simple, as there are so many sites and references. The most reliable way is to buy your wine directly from the producers' sites, just like the Domaine de Berne offers with its exceptional Provence wines.

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