choisir un bon vin en supermarché

Our 7 tips for buying wine at the supermarket

Who has never found themselves in the wine section of a supermarket, not knowing where to look because the choice is so varied? Even the biggest wine lovers sometimes have trouble finding their way around, so to help you find the bottle of wine you need, here are 7 tips for knowing which wine to buy in the supermarket .


Tip #1: Pay attention to prices

We often hear that the best wines are very expensive, but that it is also possible to find very good wines at low prices. And that's true ! On the other hand, it is better to know precisely what you are looking for to get a good deal. If you are not very familiar with the wines presented on the shelves, then it is advisable to choose a bottle of wine that is neither too cheap nor too expensive . Ideally, opt for a wine priced between 5 and 20 euros.


Tip #2: Avoid Old Vintages

The vintage corresponds to the year of harvest of the grapes used to make the wine. You will find this information on the label of the wine bottle. An old vintage is far from being the guarantee of a quality wine, because for a wine to have good aging potential and for it to age well, it must be stored in optimal conservation conditions, which does not This is not guaranteed in supermarkets. When in doubt, it is better to turn to recent vintages , which guarantee you a white wine, a red wine or a fruity, delicious and fresh rosé wine.

If you want to taste a good wine for aging, it is recommended to contact a wine merchant who is an expert in preserving good bottles.


Tip #3: Learn to spot French wine regions

Red wines, white wines and rosé wines have unique characteristics depending on their wine-growing region. Thus, wines from the South are full of sunshine, fruity and low in acidity. Conversely, the wines made above the Loire are rather light and fresh.

To guide your choice of wine, you can then rely on the wine-growing region, either by looking directly at the producer's postal code on the label, or by locating the appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), the protected geographical indication (IGP) , if the wine is labeled.


Tip #4: Look at the medals

Many winegrowers and winemakers present their wines at various wine competitions. This can be an interesting indicator if you are looking for a good wine. Indeed, a wine that has received a gold medal in a wine competition or a good rating suggests a quality wine. You then have little risk of making a mistake.

There are numerous wine competitions organized each year, the best known of which are the general agricultural competition, the Vinalies competition, or the independent winegrowers competition.


Tip #5: Check wine labels

The different wine labels highlight the winemaking techniques, the know-how and the commitments of the winegrowers. Also, if you have personal convictions that push you to consume responsibly, you can rely on different labels.

  • The Demeter label and the Biodyvin label: these certifications promote biodynamic wine . This type of viticulture respects the vines and the environment, by reducing and/or banning inputs, chemicals, sulfur, etc. Much more than an organic label, these biodynamic wine labels highlight the work of the winemaker and his concern to respect the rhythm of nature to cultivate its vines;
  • The Independent Winegrowers label : this label promotes the work of small winegrowers and family farms. It can be recognized by the pictogram representing a little man carrying a barrel on his shoulder, present on the collar of the neck.


Tip #6: look at the alcohol content of the wine

The alcohol content of a wine is not necessarily the first information to look at when you want to choose a bottle of wine . On the other hand, it can be an interesting guide to knowing what type of wine is:

  • A wine with an alcohol level below 12% will likely be lively, light, tart and fresh;
  • A wine that exceeds 12 to 14% alcohol will certainly be richer, structured, aromatic and opulent on the palate.

This data can therefore guide you if you are looking for a perfect food and wine pairing !


Tip #7: Refer to wine applications

In the world of wine too, new technologies are required, and are often of great service to us. Then take the time to take a photo of the label of the wine bottle that catches your eye, and discover the information that the different applications can provide you. Vivino, WineAdvisor, Twil and even iDealwine are full of notes and advice for choosing your wine and having information that you will not find in stores.


Château de Berne wines available in store

Are you having trouble making your choice among all the wines available in supermarkets? We can only recommend our Provence wines from the Berne estate , sure values ​​in 3 colors.

  • The Romance rosé 2020 cuvée – IGP Méditerranée: this rosé wine made from black grape varieties from Provence reveals aromas of peach and apricot, perfect for a Provençal aperitif;
  • The Grande Récolte rosé 2022 cuvée – AOP Côtes de Provence: with its light color, this rosé wine from Provence is round, fruity and full of freshness, perfect to accompany Mediterranean cuisine;
  • The Grande Récolte red cuvée 2022 – AOC Côtes de Provence: this red wine goes well with traditional Provence dishes and meats, thanks to its notes of black fruits, pepper and liquorice;
  • The Grande Récolte white cuvée 2022 – AOP Côtes de Provence: reflecting the Provençal terroir, this fresh and round cuvée on the palate works wonders with fish and vegetables from the South;
  • The Impatience rosé 2022 cuvée – AOP Côtes de Provence: to drink alone or accompanied by a southern dish, this round and aromatic rosé wine reveals very pleasant fruity and floral notes.

Choosing a wine in a supermarket is not always easy, especially if the wine section is well stocked. Our few tips will help you see things more clearly, and if you are still hesitant, the wines of Provence from Berne remain safe bets.

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