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Everything you need to know about the aromas of rosé wines

When a wine lover tastes a rosé wine, he tries to discern the different aromas that he can sense on the nose and in the mouth. From Côtes de Provence rosé to Bordeaux rosé, including Burgundy rosé, let's discover the different aromas of rosé wines .

Learn to recognize the different aromas of rosé

To fully understand the classification of the aromas of a rosé, it is essential to know the distinction between what the nose perceives and what the mouth feels.

The nose of rosé wine

A proper wine tasting always begins with observing the color of the wine. Next comes the olfactory analysis of the wine , which consists of smelling the perfumes and aromas that it diffuses. It is then the nose of the wine which delivers the bouquet. This analysis is broken down into two stages:

  • The first nose , which reveals the main characteristics of the wine, and its possible defects. The idea here is to smell the wine without swirling it in the glass;
  • The second nose , which reveals the more specific aromas of the wine, making it possible to define the origin of the grape variety, the vinification method (bleeding rosé or pressing rosé), the wine-growing region... The second nose is observed after having aerates the wine in the glass, using a subtle gyrating movement.

The nose of rosé wine can reveal different aromas : fruity (red fruits, banana, apricot...), vegetal (lime blossom, hay...), floral (rose, violet...), chemical (pique, stale. ..), balsamic (resinous, vanilla...), animal (truffled, foxy...), spicy (nutmeg, pepper...), woody (caramelized, cooked...).

The taste of rosé wine

After the olfactory examination of the wine, comes the taste analysis , which allows you to discover new aromas, but also sensations, such as acidity, harshness, persistence in the mouth, bitterness, sweetness... It is then enough to circulate the wine in the mouth to cover all the taste buds, and thus absorb the 4 elementary flavors perceived in the wine (sweet, salty, acid and bitter).

The aromas of rosé wine are then diffused in the mouth through the phenomenon of retro-olfaction, while the tannins mix with saliva and offer a more or less marked sensation of astringency and roughness in the mouth.

What are the aromas of rosé wines?

Depending on the type of rosé wine, it is possible to experience a whole palette of varied flavors , which come from various viticultural elements: the grape variety, the terroir and the winemaking method. Whether on the nose or on the palate, rosé wine can present a multitude of aromas.

  • Aromas of exotic fruits and citrus : these fruity notes are found especially in the latest generation rosés from Provence;
  • Aromas of white and yellow fleshed fruits : these sensations come essentially from the grape variety, and are characteristic of local wines and pressed rosés;
  • Candy notes : these flavors come directly from malolactic fermentation, a traditional technique which produces delicious rosé wines;
  • Aromas of red fruits : these fruity notes also come from the grape varieties, but also from wines resulting from vinification by skin maceration. This type of aroma is less and less sought after by rosé wine lovers;
  • Floral notes : these flower aromas come from fermentation and the variety of red grapes. Often obtained after direct pressing, these notes are delicate;
  • Aromas of spices and herbs : these flavors have the particularity of developing during the vinification and aging of rosé wine. They are therefore rather present in maceration rosé wine, which has good aging potential and strong character.

The aromas of our rosé wines

The MDCV group produces rosé wines each year which reflect the Provençal terroir. You will then find a wide range of typical aromas .

Perfect to accompany Provençal cuisine, a barbecue, or even an aperitif, rosé wine surprises with its aromatic complexity. Discover all the power and typicality of Côtes de Provence rosé wines while tasting our exceptional vintages.

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