Restaurateur : Comment développer vos ventes avec le vin au verre ?

Restaurateur: How to develop your sales with wine by the glass?

The sale of wine by the glass should not be neglected by a restaurateur, because it allows many customers to be satisfied, for several reasons. Between the possibility of tasting a great vintage without having to buy the bottle, or the ease of consuming alone or with few guests, wine by the glass offers great sales prospects. Find out how to develop your sales with wine by the glass .


Wine by the glass: a new widely developed trend

Until recently, restaurants only offered wine by the bottle, or possibly by the pitcher. Wine by the glass was not very common, and few restaurateurs included it in their wine list.

However, today wine by the glass has become widespread, and nearly 9 out of 10 restaurants offer it. Customers make this choice mainly to accompany lunch (at midday) or in a wine bar, but not only. So how can we explain this growth?

Consumption of wine by the glass has several advantages for the customer:

  • Being able to consume great vintages of red wine, white wine and rosé wine without having to buy the bottle is easier financially;
  • Being able to vary the types of wine during a meal, and thus enjoy a perfect food and wine pairing;
  • To limit your alcohol consumption, avoiding having to finish an entire bottle;
  • Allow guests at the same table to drink the wine of their choice, without imposing a single bottle for everyone…


But selling wine by the glass is not only beneficial for the customer, and restaurateurs also benefit from it. In fact, many professionals note a higher service rate with service by the glass than with an offer by the bottle. Furthermore, the multiplier coefficients are higher for wine by the glass, which makes the sale more profitable.


What type of wine do we drink by the glass?

According to sommeliers and restaurateurs, wine by the glass mainly concerns red wine. Red wines from Provence, Bordeaux and Burgundy wines thus have pride of place, and allow customers to taste more or less full-bodied wines without overdoing them.

But it must be recognized that in summer, the glass of rosé wine and the glass of white wine gain favor with consumers looking for freshness.

Generally speaking, the wines served are more mid-range. In fact, few restaurateurs offer great wines by the glass, because the price of the glass , which is too high, risks deterring customers, at the risk of spoiling the bottle once opened.


What is the average price of wine by the glass?

There is a rule that allows the restaurateur to set the price of his wine by the glass . If this is not obligatory, it allows us to offer a certain consistency with regard to the price per bottle, but also with respect to the competition.

The calculation rule consists of dividing the price of the bottle of wine served à la carte by the number of glasses it contains, then adding a margin.


Example: a 75 cl bottle of wine sold for €24 a la carte can contain 6 12 cl glasses. We therefore divide €24 by 6, and we therefore obtain a drink for €4. We then add a margin of 5 to 10%, to set the price of the glass of wine at €4.40.


It is therefore very easy to understand to what extent selling wine by the glass can increase a restaurateur's turnover.


How to develop wine sales?

Consumption of wine by the glass must be part of your marketing strategy, as it is profitable for both the customer and you. You can then follow several tips to develop your sales:

  • Offer a beautiful wine list , with a nice variety (original wines, more prestigious wines, wines from small producers, etc.) to arouse customer curiosity;
  • Take care of the service to establish a climate of trust (serving temperature, suitable wine glass, etc.);
  • Offer packages (a glass of wine + a board for €X!). So remember to pay attention to food and wine pairings, and to ensure that the formulas are profitable for everyone.


Storing wine by the glass

The only disadvantage of serving by the glass is ending the day with opened bottles. The wine risks oxidizing and losing its aromas, and therefore being unsaleable the next day. You can, for this, use accessories and corks, such as Vacuvin or Coravin, to keep the wine open , and be careful not to offer too many different wines, so as not to open too many bottles at once.


Are you a restaurateur and hesitant to offer wine by the glass to your customers? You now know the advantages of such a mode of consumption, so why not start by offering essential wines, such as a rosé wine from Provence or a red wine from Bordeaux?

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