Une bouteille de vin carrée pour le côtes de Provence rosé

A bottle of square wine for the ribs of Provence rosé

In the world of wine, a square bottle is both rare and original. It is reminiscent of the bottles used for olive oil. This is the ideal form to represent the wines of the Château de Berne, which makes a nice nod to the two riches of the estate: vines and olive trees.


Oliviers at the Château de Berne

The Domaine de Bern is located on the Aurélienne path, which formerly linked Italy to Spain. The Romans had then decided to settle there for a while, and took the opportunity to plant olive trees and vines. These riches, several centuries old, are still cultivated by the Domaine de Bern.

The domain olive grove then includes more than 5,000 trees, which produce several varieties of olives, all classified as Côtes de Provence. And the 121 hectare vineyard produces pink, white and red exceptional wines.

The square of square shape is thus a symbol of the two main riches of the land of Provence. The bottle is subtly worked to evoke both the great wines of Provence, but also olive oil.


An emblematic square bottle for an inimitable rosé ribs

The square bottle allows the wine of the castle of Bern to be recognizable among all. But beyond the container, it is above all the content that attracts attention.

A unique product several times medalist

The square bottles of the Château de Bern are intended for several different cuvées, which each have great qualities. Two of them obtained several medals.

The Château de Berne Rosé 2018

This square bottle, decorated with a magnificent black and gold label, houses an exceptional wine, recognized in the wine sector. The Château de Berne Rosé 2018 therefore holds several medals:

  •   1 gold medal (sworn broker competition);
  •   4 silver medals (competition from national vinalies, Provence wine competition, Rosé World Cup competition, and Mâcon wines competition);
  •   Wine Enthusiast tasting note: 91/100.

The 2018 Bern lands

Equally elegant with its white and gold transparent label, the Berne lands bottle of Bern Terres has also received three distinctions:



  •   2 gold medals (general agricultural competition in Paris and sworn brokers competition);
  •   1 silver medal (sworn broker competition).


Land of Bern and Château de Bern: the quintessence of the Côtes de Provence Rosé

The Berne estate knows how to produce exceptional wines, rich in know-how and a quality terroir. Among them, the Château de Bern and the Land of Bern are the pride of these vineyards of Provence.

The castle of Berne Aop Côtes de Provence

Whether rosé, red or white, the Château de Berne is a wine of gastronomy, vinified and raised in wood barrels. In full organic conversion, this terroir offers exceptional cuvées.

The castle of Berne Rosé, with its pink peach dress, offers a bouquet with citrus, nucleus fruit and exotic fruits. The White Bern castle and its intense yellow dress with golden reflections, offer aromas of milk bread, grilled hazelnuts, pineapple juice and licorice stick. Finally, the Red Berne Castle has a very expressive nose and aromas of very ripe black fruit, spices and flowers.

The Land of Bern Aop Côtes de Provence

To consume young people, red, white and rosé wines from Berne highlights Provence with their gourmet fruity and freshness.

Land of Bern Rosé offers aromas of grapefruit, fishing and mango, ideal for an aperitif or to accompany a Provencal dish. White Berne lands has pretty pale green reflections, recalling its lemon bouquet, white flowers and wild mint. Finally Land of Red Berne releases perfect black fruit aromas to accompany a Provencal stew or a good rib steak.


Are you seduced by the pretty square shape of the bottles of the Château de Berne and Land of Bern? Let yourself be tempted, to discover that the wine is like the bottle: elegant and surprising.






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