Qu'est-ce que l'adoption de vigne ?

What is vine adoption?

In recent years, a new concept has been spreading in the world of wine: the adoption of a vine. Much more than a simple commercial transaction, this approach aims to reconnect with nature and discover all the mysteries of viticulture. Whether you are a novice wine consumer or a seasoned wine enthusiast, discover the adoption of a vine and all its advantages.

Adopt a vine: explanation of the concept

Adopting a vine is a process that allows you to be directly involved in the winemaking process of a wine estate, by becoming the “adoptive parent” of a plot of vine. Adoption happens differently depending on the wineries and programs offered, but it generally involves 7 steps.

The choice of the vineyard

Today, many wineries offer an adoption program. Whether local or international, they often present their offer on their website. They specify their agricultural practices, their winemaking methods, and the grape varieties used. You must then choose your vineyard according to your tastes, your desires, and your personal convictions.

The selection of the grape variety

Some grapevine adoption programs allow you to choose the type of grape variety you want to adopt. You then have the choice between white grape varieties and red grape varieties, to also be adapted according to the wine-growing region and the climate.

The adoption of the vine

To sponsor or adopt a vine, you will need to make a monthly or annual payment . This covers the costs of the growing season, wine production, and sometimes also the shipping of wine bottles.

Monitoring the growth of your vines

As the parent of part of a vineyard, you will receive regular updates on the growth of each vine you own. You are then informed of the climatic conditions, the different stages of the life cycle of the vine, and you can also receive photos.

Harvesting and winemaking

When the grapes reach maturity, you are informed throughout the harvest process. Depending on the program, you can even participate in the harvest , for an immersive experience in the heart of the vineyard. After the harvest, you also follow each stage of winemaking , from fermentation to bottling.

Receiving your bottle of wine

Once the winemaking process is complete, you receive one or more bottles of wine produced from grapes from your vineyard . Depending on the program, the winemaker also offers a personalized label with your name.

Renewal of the adoption certificate

At the end of the cycle, you can decide to renew your commitment , or even change vines.

Adopting a vine: what are the benefits?

Beyond the pleasure of receiving a surprise bottle in your name , adopting a vine is a unique adventure for all wine lovers curious to learn more about creating their own vintage.

The democratization of viticulture

For many, the world of wine is a bit sacred, where only true connoisseurs have their say. Adopting vines is then an opportunity to place viticulture within everyone's reach , and to learn a lot about growing methods and winemaking.

A personalized wine experience

By choosing your grape varieties and adopted vines, you offer yourself a tailor-made experience . You then become the guardian of your own vines, and your involvement is complete, from the evolution of the fruit to bottling.

A link between producer and consumer

By adopting a row of vines in a vineyard of your choice, you instantly create a close relationship with the producer . By trusting him, you promote his profession as a winemaker and promote his know-how and his terroir. Furthermore, regular monitoring involves an exchange which strengthens the link between you and the producer of your personalized bottle.

An original gift for wine lovers

Adopting a vine offers an oenological experience that goes much further than purchasing bottles of wine from a wine merchant, or a wine tasting workshop in the cellars of an estate. This is therefore one of the unexpected and surprising gift ideas around wine. Depending on tastes, choose vines that will produce white wines, red wines or rosé wines, and make someone happy who will follow the entire production process throughout the seasons.

Discovering the wine regions of France

Adopting a vine is an ideal approach to discovering in depth the particularities of a wine region . You can then choose several vines from different regions, such as the Rhône Valley, the Provence vineyard or the South-West, but you can also change region each year.

Adopting a vine is a profound educational approach that creates a direct link between the consumer, the winemaker and the vineyard. Do you dream of having your personal vintage from the best wine regions of France? Consider adopting vines from passionate winegrowers!

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