Alexis Cornus oenologue du Château de Berne

Everything you need to know about oenology and the profession of oenologist

The world of wine brings together many professionals, all having a very specific role, from the vineyard to bottling, and even to service. Let us then focus more specifically on the profession of oenologist , and discover what oenology consists of.

What is oenology? Definition

Oenology is a science focused on the study and knowledge of wine. This study of wine then covers all stages of wine making, from the cultivation of vines in the different wine-growing regions, to the winemaking technique, to bottling, tasting and marketing.

Oenology then lists numerous professions, and concerns both red wines, white wines, rosé wines, but also champagnes, natural wines, organic wines, sparkling wines... It is therefore a vast field of study and discoveries.

So, when a person attends an oenological workshop , they should expect to learn a lot of information about wine, its production, its organoleptic characteristics, its tasting, etc.

Oenologist: the expert scientist in wine production

The oenologist has a scientific role throughout the wine-making process. Its role is to support the winegrower in his work, to provide him with advice on each stage of wine production : harvest dates, choice of grape varieties, cultivation method, control of alcoholic fermentation, choice of treatments and additives used. to wine... This wine conductor then works at the service of winegrowers, laboratories and wine merchants, in order to help them obtain quality wine.

Of course, not all wine producers necessarily work with an oenologist. And while some estates have their own oenologist, others choose to work with one of the independent oenologists , who work for several winemakers. Depending on the profiles, the missions are very varied, ranging from analysis and quality control of wine in the laboratory, to blending tests, including more specific cellar tasks.

Do not confuse oenologist and sommelier

Although they both work in the wine field, the sommelier and the oenologist have very different profiles. The oenologist, as we have seen, provides advice to the winemaker on the entire wine-making process . It therefore acts in the vineyard and in the cellar, until the wine is bottled.

The sommelier , for his part, takes over from the oenologist, to promote wine and provide advice to consumers . Sommeliers therefore work, most of the time, in restaurants, and are experts in wine service and food and wine pairing.

Alexis Cornu, the visionary oenologist of the Berne estate

Château de Berne surrounds itself with the best wine professionals to produce exceptional vintages each year. Among the members of this team of enthusiasts, Alexis Cornu is the conductor of the vineyard. He then puts all his know-how and experience at the service of the estate, to make all the small modifications that will enhance each wine. Alexis Cornu then guides winegrowers towards the production of an elegant wine . Rosé wine from Provence is one of the products worked to become high-end and gourmet wines for keeping.

Would you like to discover more closely the activity of an oenologist ? Meet at the Château de Berne, for a tour of the estate, the vineyard and the cellars, ending with a tasting of the best wines of Provence.

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