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Everything you need to know about the reception at a wedding

When the end of the wedding ceremony comes, the guests are invited to the reception . Like a little appetizer before the big party in honor of the bride and groom, this friendly little moment brings together all the guests, especially those who are not close enough to be invited to the wedding meal. This is then the opportunity to share an aperitif or a cocktail in honor of the lovers .

Wedding reception: who are the guests?

During the wedding preparations, the future spouses must draw up the guest list . Among them, we distinguish close friends and family of the bride and groom, who will be invited to the wedding meal, and less intimate people, who will only be invited to the reception .

It must be admitted that these two lists are always a little perilous to establish, for fear of forgetting someone, or offending someone. Choosing also means giving up! It is therefore advisable to define from the start the limit on the number of guests invited to the meal, and to stick to it by only placing the closest people there. Then, generally speaking, all the other guests at the ceremony are invited to the reception .


What should we serve to guests at a reception?

After the guest list, the bride and groom must decide what they will serve to their guests during the reception.

What to drink

Traditionally, whoever says "wine of honor", says "wine", or in any case, "drink". Indeed, the objective is to raise a glass to the love of the newlyweds. Champagne is then an essential wine of honor , but also all sparkling wines in general (crémant, sparkling, etc.) which are often less expensive. These sparkling wines have a festive and chic side, and they go very well with petits fours.

But you can also easily vary the pleasures, by offering a kir, or an original cocktail. We then consider that you should provide a bottle of wine for 4 people . And why not take advantage of the happy event to impress your guests, and serve a large format bottle, like a magnum?

Also, don't forget to accommodate children and people who don't drink alcohol by providing non-alcoholic drinks .

Finally, also remember to pair the wine with the food you are going to serve. If you plan to offer a charcuterie or cheese platter, for example, it is interesting to offer light red wines.

What to eat

Clinking glasses over a good glass of wine is the primary objective of a reception, but the moment is even more pleasant when you can nibble on a few delicacies around a buffet . During the reception, it is customary to serve guests with small appetizers that are easy to eat, without ruining the appetite for the wedding meal.

You can then plan 8 to 10 bites per hour of reception . Indeed, while some receptions are quite short, others can last several hours. We must then be able to satisfy appetites over time.

It is customary to call on a caterer to prepare trays of petits fours, verrines or surprise breads. But more and more future brides and grooms are also innovating, by offering culinary activities to their guests (workshops, food trucks, etc.).


Organize a reception

For your wedding to go as smoothly as possible, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the reception from the meal. For this, it is advisable not to drag out the reception , because the longer a reception lasts, the more difficult it will be to get guests who are not invited to the meal to leave. It is therefore advisable not to exceed 3 hours of reception , and ideally, not to provide too many chairs.

Next, you must choose the location of the festivities . Here again, the difficulty is to find a space which is clearly distinguished from the meal location and the wedding room, but which is not too far away either, to facilitate the movement of the guests. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy beautiful sunshine during the event, consider protecting the venue, with parasols, for example.

Finally, to make the moment convivial, do not hesitate to call on waiters (and avoid crowds in front of the buffet), put on some music, or offer a little entertainment .


Provence wines for your reception

The reception represents the small ceremony marking the start of the festivities. It is also an opportunity to make a toast in honor of the newlyweds. This wedding reception must therefore live up to your expectations, and the Domaine de Berne offers you fresh and tasty wines from Provence , which will please all your guests.

From light red wine to very chilled white wine, including rosé wine and sparkling rosé, the Château de Berne online store offers you a fine selection of Provence wines for your reception .


The reception represents an important moment during a wedding. After the ceremony, it allows you to release the pressure with a good drink, before continuing the festivities around a good meal. The organization of the moment and the choice of wine are therefore important elements which will guarantee the success of this unforgettable moment.


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