Guide des cépages : tout savoir sur le nielluccio

Guide to grape varieties: everything you need to know about nielluccio

Mainly grown in France, and more particularly in Corsica, nielluccio is a black grape variety which has different names depending on the wine-growing regions. Discover in detail the nielluccio , its origins and its characteristics.

To find out more about grape varieties, we invite you to read our grape variety guide .

The origins of nielluccio

Nielluccio is a red grape variety originating from Italy , and more precisely from the Chianti region, in Tuscany, where it is instead called sangiovese. Cultivated since the 18th century in Abruzzo, it will then spread to all the vineyards of the Adriatic coast, to become the dominant grape variety of Corsica , with a total production of more than 500 hectares of vines.

On the Isle of Beauty, it is especially in Patrimonio that it is developing the most, but it has also recently been found in Hérault and in Provence, where some winegrowers have taken the challenge of planting 170,000 plants there. about ten years ago.

Nielluccio is also grown in the United States, Australia and Argentina, as well as in all countries with warm, sunny climates.

Good to know: nielluccio has different names depending on the country. In the European Union, it is also called sangiovese or prugnolo gentile.

The main characteristics of nielluccio

In the vineyards, we recognize nielluccio by its elongated clusters and elliptical-shaped berries. The young leaves have a pretty yellow color, tending to bronze, and the adult leaves are wedge-shaped and complete.

Loving warm climates and sunshine, as well as clay-chalky and not very fertile soils, nielluccio can give a high yield, even if the quality of the wine can be reduced.

Finally, nielluccio resists drought particularly well, but it is very sensitive to flavescence doree . Powdery mildew can also weaken it, but it resists gray rot quite well.

Good to know: 5 nielluccio clones are approved, including 902, 903 and 904.

Wines made from nielluccio

Nielluccio, or sangiovese, makes it possible to obtain sun-drenched red wines and rosé wines . In Italy, it produces full-bodied, full-bodied red wines , with aromas of black fruits (plum, cherry, morello cherry) and notes of dried herbs. The tannins are very powerful, without masking the often surprising acidity.

On the Corsican side, black grapes offer different fruity notes , as well as spicy aromas and finer tannins.

Generally speaking, red wines made from nielluccio are full-bodied and have good aging potential.

Italy remains the largest producer of nielluccio in the world, with almost 90,000 hectares of vines. We then distinguish several great wines produced from this red grape variety, such as Chianti DOCG (the equivalent of the French AOC), Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, or even Brunello di Montalcino DOCG (single-varietal nielluccio red wines). .

In Tuscany, Nielluccio is often blended with other red grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.

What food and wine pairings for nielluccio?

Nielluccio is a rather versatile grape variety , which makes it possible to make varied ranges of wines, ranging from light and fruity rosé wine to powerful and tannic red wine. There are many food and wine pairings, and a good bottle of nielluccio can accompany you at various times during the meal.

Note, however, that some marriages are tastier than others:

  • As an aperitif, with a charcuterie board;
  • As a main course, with roast meats, such as pork, beef or lamb, or tomato-based dishes;
  • With creamy cheeses;
  • For dessert, with fruit-based recipes.

Like many southern wines, bottles of wine made with nielluccio are very popular with a summer meal. You can then turn to a fresh and light vintage. But this black grape can also produce rich, full-bodied wines, which will work wonders with more generous and gourmet dishes.

Our wines made from nielluccio

The Saint-Roux estate produces the Friponne vintage every year , in IGP Méditerranée . This organic rosé wine is made from 7 grape varieties: Nielluccio, Cinsault, Colombard, Viognier, Marselan, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Presenting a pretty pale peach color, this rosé wine from Provence reveals, on the nose, aromas of ripe stone fruits and white fruits. On the palate, we discover a supple and round wine, with a perfect balance between volume and freshness.

This vintage with mixed origins offers an original and intense wine, which goes perfectly with gourmet aperitifs, but also with generous Mediterranean cuisine. From grilled fish to stuffed zucchini flowers, including grilled prawns, our nielluccio-based rosé wine will delight all palates.

Nielluccio is a red grape variety with many qualities, which can produce both light and powerful wines.

Domaine Saint-Roux thus exploits its potential to offer a fruity and tasty rosé wine.

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