Comment préserver la qualité de vos bouteilles de vins sans cave ?

How to preserve the quality of your wine bottles without a cellar?

Wine lovers know that preserving wine bottles represents a major challenge. Indeed, wine is a living product that is particularly sensitive to its environment. Without a cellar with optimal storage conditions, it is sometimes difficult to guarantee the quality of your best bottles. Fortunately, investing in a wine cellar is not an obligation, and there are some tips that can help you preserve the quality of your wine without a cellar .

Factors that influence the conservation of good bottles

To be able to find a good alternative to the wine cellar , it is imperative to understand what the wine needs to be perfectly preserved. It will then be easier to create the ideal conditions for storing each bottle of wine.

Storage temperature

Temperature is probably the most important criterion. And while we often think that heat is the main danger, it is rather temperature variations that endanger the quality of a wine. Indeed, too significant and too recurrent a fluctuation in temperatures will affect the maturation of the wine, which will be slowed down or accelerated. In a storage space that is too cool, the wine will not evolve and will be less expressive. Conversely, if stored too hot, the maturation will be too rapid and the oxidation of the wine will be much too early.

A constant temperature is therefore essential, and the ideal temperature varies depending on the type of wine (10 to 12°C for white wines and rosé wines, 16 to 18°C ​​for red wines).

Humidity level

Good storage conditions necessarily require a good level of humidity . Again, it's all a question of balance. In a space that is too dry, the cork will dry out and allow air to pass into the bottles, causing the wine to oxidize . This phenomenon occurs even with bottles in a horizontal position!

Conversely, a storage space that is too humid will give rise to mold, which will begin by attacking the label, which will quickly become illegible, and even contaminate the cork, and therefore the wine.

The ideal humidity level for storing wine is generally 70%.

The light

The third element that jeopardizes the quality of a wine is light. Indeed, upon contact with the sun's rays, the wine contained in the bottle will undergo premature oxidation . The flavors and aromas are then altered, causing this famous, very characteristic light taste . But the coat is also degraded under the action of UV rays which deteriorate the pigments.

It is not very complicated to protect wine from light. And if you really have no choice, you can always wrap your best bottles in newspaper.

The vibrations

The process of aging a wine is extremely demanding, and the slightest regular vibration can affect the good conservation of the wine. Indeed, movement can interfere with the chemical reactions that wine needs to be at its peak. This is especially the case for wines for aging.

But vibrations can also harm wines that have a deposit. This will move, and disrupt the clarity of the red wine.

The best storage conditions must therefore take the environment into account. Avoid placing your bottles near a washing machine, or in a room that adjoins a railway, for example.

Good to know: strong odors can also spoil the wine.

Wine cellar: what alternatives?

Would you like to provide optimal storage conditions for your beautiful bottles , without investing in an aging cellar or a service cellar? Alternatives exist!

  • The refrigerator : this is not medium or long term storage, but if you buy a bottle to consume straight away, the refrigerator will ensure correct conditions;
  • The wine cabinet : if your cellar is short on space and you want optimal conservation, the wine cabinet should be considered as a piece of furniture that is as efficient as it is stylish;
  • Wine racks : the bottle rack ensures the stability of the bottle. It must then be placed in the dark, at a constant temperature;
  • A dark, dry cupboard : if you don't want to invest, a cupboard may be enough, but the ambient temperature may be a problem;
  • A basement or a damp cellar : if you have a natural cellar, you can store your bottles there. They will be sheltered from a light source and cool, ensure the right humidity level.

Do you want to build up a stock of good small bottles of wine, but you don't have a wine cellar? If your collection remains reasonable, you can easily preserve your stock by ensuring darkness, humidity and freshness, and thus preserve the quality of the wine .

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