Vin rosé de Provence : meilleure progression française à l’export en 2020

Rosé wine from Provence: best French export progress in 2020


While the health crisis and American taxes did not bode well in this year 2020, the rosé wine from Provence, with its three appellations, nevertheless managed to achieve a good performance, by displaying the best French progression of sale of wines for export in 2020. Let's detail a little this information given by the Interprofessional Council of Provence Wines (CIVP) in March 2021.


Wines of Provence: a progression that stands out from the crowd

Against all odds, the rosé wine from Provence has not weakened in this unpromising year 2020, especially on the export side. Indeed, the sales of the 3 AOC of Provence, Côte de Provence, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence and Coteaux Varois en Provence, experienced an increase of 5.6% in exports, with a total sales of nearly 4.9 million cases of 12 bottles.

However, as announced by Brice Eymard, general director of the CIVP representing nearly 600 wineries and merchants, this progress was not planned in advance. It should be noted that the sale of wines marketed by the vineyard has seen a significant decrease of 7% compared to 2019 (i.e. 1 million hectoliters). Despite this, the sales of Provence wines for export surprise everyone by showing an increase of almost 6%. This is all the more surprising since all the other French appellations, except Burgundy and liqueurs, have experienced a decrease in their exports (up to -17% for Champagne according to FEVS, the Federation of Wine and Spirits Exporters).


Value of the Provence vineyard: a French ranking in 6th position

One would be tempted to believe that the increase in sales of rosé wine from Provence for export is due to a very low wine price. However, this is not the case at all, since France is clearly the country that sells its rosé wine at the highest export prices. Thus, a good bottle of rosé from Provence sells for as little as € 15, and can reach a price of up to € 100 for some cuvées.

There quality of Provence wines is improving year by year, and there are more and more investors. The Provençal estates are expanding, improving, making Provence the 6thth french vineyard in value.


Successful compensation of the American surcharge

In 2019, the former US president announced a surcharge on wines stills in bottles of 2 liters or less, and having an alcohol content of less than or equal to 14%. Suffice to say: the majority of wine bottles exported. By imposing 25% tariffs on these sales, the leader of the United States was putting a hell of a stick to all the french wine producers. Immediately, sales of rosé wines from Provence experienced a decrease of – 6% in the USA.

Despite this, the provencal rosé wines have managed to compensate for this blow, by increasing their sales elsewhere in the world. According to the director of the CIVP, the consumption of rosé abroad has increased significantly, especially in Canada, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany and Belgium.

Finally, this measure has been suspended for a period of 4 months since March 2021, and even if the wines of Provence have managed to pull their weight, all winemakers hope to see a definitive abolition of this catastrophic surcharge for all wine producers.


Why is the rosé wine from Provence so attractive abroad?

Finally, the success that the rosé wine from Provence abroad is not surprising at all. If it has long been considered a summer aperitif wine with friends, it is precisely for this reason that it knows so many lovers around the world. The rosé wine from Provence is easy to drink, more accessible. No need to have pushed knowledge in oenology, or go through many tasting and learning phases to appreciate a good rosé wine. It is both thirsty and fluid, without having the complexity and acidity of white wines and red wines.

But if the Provençal rosé wine Seduced so much, it is also because it becomes more complex and improves over time. It is now possible to rosé simple and light, or Choose a rosé wine More complex, worthy of a large white wine or red wine. Often confined to aperitifs, Provence rosés Can now accompany any type of dishes (Mediterranean cuisine, grilled fish, contemporary cuisine ...), from entrance to dessert, in summer and winter.

The rosé wine from Provence, with its pretty pale pink dress, is aimed at a wide range of consumers, and is also part of the cheapest wines. Perfect for foreign fans who, unlike the French, cannot always be easy to learn about the pleasures of wine.


If the Rosé wine from Provence is so successful abroad, it is undoubtedly for its quality, its simplicity, its fruity and floral flavors. Like favorite pink wines, the AOC Côte de Provence du Berne Castle invites you to discover a rosé cuvée that seduces everyone.

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