Tout savoir sur les vignobles anglais

Everything you need to know about English vineyards

France is undoubtedly the cradle of the best wines in the world, but if there is one country that is gradually establishing itself when we least expected it, it is the United Kingdom. In England and Wales, winemakers work hard to produce English wines that stand out from the crowd. Discover the secrets of English vineyards .

English wines: growing success

When it comes to wine, Great Britain is far from coming first in the minds of wine lovers. It must be said that the English vineyard only had 3,200 hectares of vines in 2021 . And even though more than 650 vineyards were present at the call, they had, on average, an area of ​​only 4 hectares each.

But as small as these figures appear, they are nevertheless the result of dazzling growth in recent years. Indeed, it is estimated that since 2004, the surface area of ​​English vineyards has increased by 75%.

Today, most English wines are made in Wales and England , with 90% white wines, 9% red wines and 1% rosé wines. But what made English viticulture known were above all sparkling wines. This can be explained by the growing interest of champagne houses in British terroirs , but also by the ability of English winegrowers to take advantage of and adapt to global warming.

The British vineyard challenge

Wine production is hampered in Great Britain by the lack of sunshine and too cold climate of this land which is not very conducive to viticulture. The main grape varieties found in France and wine regions around the world are not welcome here, because they do not flourish there. Flowering is too late, the fruits are very susceptible to diseases, and maturity is often too early.

English winegrowers therefore had to find solutions, and developed the cultivation of grape varieties more suited to the cold climate . Bacchus is the 3rd most cultivated grape variety in the United Kingdom, and Seyval is the 4th grape variety. These are two hybrid grape varieties capable of adapting to the constraints of English vineyards. For the top trio of British grape varieties, the 1st grape variety is Chardonnay , the 2nd grape variety is Pinot Noir , coming in on a par with Pinot Meunier . These 3 Champagne grape varieties are particularly suited to this type of terroir, which is substantially identical to that of Champagne.

Presentation of our English vineyards

The MDCV group has 4 French wine estates, but also 3 English estates , which are mainly used for the production of sparkling wines.

Silverhand's Domain

Situated in the Kent countryside, Silverhand Estate produces a wide range of wines, both still and sparkling wines. When tasting, we find the love of the terroir and the know-how of the winegrowers, who exploit the full potential of English nature to produce exceptional biodynamic wines.

The Harlot estate

Aiming to produce the best wines in England, the Harlot estate relies on the quality of its Essex vines and the expertise of its oenologists to cultivate vines with the strictest respect for nature, and to make tasty wines. The estate works hard to reduce the environmental impact of the vineyard as much as possible, and to ensure perfect harmony between nature and the vines.

Kingscote Estate

Located in West-Sussex, the Kinscote family vineyard reflects the generosity of the British terroir. The 65 hectare estate produces excellent sparkling wines every year, some of which are award-winning wines for their quality and finesse.

At the same time, the estate's winegrowers strive to preserve the environment as much as possible, using viticulture techniques that respect the surrounding fauna and flora.

And if you are lucky enough to visit the Kingscote estate, you will enjoy a unique wine tourism stay, just a stone's throw from rivers, fishing lakes and numerous walks in the countryside.

English wine is on the rise, and that's not to displease us. We are discovering a new way of approaching viticulture, ever more modern, while remaining respectful of the environment. This is an approach that our English estates advocate, and which allows us to obtain very good English wines .

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