Tout savoir sur les cépages de vin : le pinot noir

All about wine grape varieties: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is undoubtedly one of the best known black grape varieties. Coming straight from Burgundy, it is cultivated today around the world, and makes it possible to obtain high quality red wines. Let's discover the Pinot Noir, this French black grape.


The story of the Pinot Noir grape variety

Coming from wild vines, Pinot Noir comes from two families of grape varieties: the Noiriens (which includes the Gamay, the Chardonnay ...) and the Sérines (which brings together Marsanne, Syrah, Roussanne ...), and would originally be No less than 16 different grape varieties.

The Origins du Pinot Noir then go back very far, since the first known cultures took place in -52 BC. AD, during the conquest of Gaul by the Romans. It was then in Burgundy that this black grape variety Before it was developed to be extended to all of France, then all of Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Italy), under the name of "Allobroges wine".

We probably owe him such a yield to the Clunisian monks, which largely improved the quality of the grape throughout the Middle Ages. He was then very cultivated in Burgundy, but also in Champagne.

It was not until later that Pinot Noir will cross the oceans, to be planted by the settlers in New Zealand, Australia, or even in South Africa.


The peculiarities of Pinot Noir

Widely used in Assembly for champagne, for red wines and for white wines, Pinot Noir is very popular for its many qualities.

Pinot Noir in vines

We recognize the Pinot Noir vineyard in the shape in pine cone of its grapes. It also takes its name from these small bays with bluish black skin.

If this black grape is rather capricious and likes temperate cold areas, it has the advantage of succeeding in adapting to different terroirs. It is thus very cultivated in northern wine regions, like Alsace, Champagne, and Burgundy, where he imposes himself as a king grape. Indeed, Pinot Noir is part of the composition of the 25 great red wines of Burgundy (Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits).

Pinot Noir is not so easy to cultivate, since it is demanding regarding temperatures, and Sensitive to diseases and with gray rot. Its performance is quite low.

Pinot Noir wines

Pinot Noir is one of the rare black grape varieties that makes it possible to obtain as well red wines only white wines. The vinification technique then consists in removing the film maceration stage for the manufacture of white wine.

Pinot allows you to give Light and fruity wines, with aromas of cherry, strawberry, raspberry and morello cherry. Little tannic, its wines are easily drunk, and are appreciated by sensitive palaces. They have one guard potential ranging from 5 years to several decades.


Pinot Noir in France and in the world

In France, the majority of Pinot Noir vines Concentrates in the northeast of the country, and more particularly in Burgundy, Alsace and Champagne. The Côte d'Or is precisely the French wine region Where Pinot Noir is the most cultivated, and where it best expresses all its qualities.

In the rest of the world, Pinot Noir has first extended to Germany, where climatic conditions remain significantly the same as in northeast France. Then, with Germanic immigration, Pinot Noir will travel to the United States (Oregon), Australia and New Zealand, where he will manage to develop and give good yields. We finally find him in South Africa.


Pinot Noir goes to the table

the Pinot Noir vinified in red wine Offers a silky mouth and flavors of red fruits that combine with many dishes. This Burgundy wine With the pretty red dress is therefore perfect for accompanying cheeses, red meats, pork, or even fish or a roast chicken.

Vinified in white wine, Pinot Noir wants to be delicate, and perfectly accompanies sea dishes, such as oysters, seafood, but also white meats.

In general, the Pinot Noir wines Go marry with many flavors, so they are a wise choice when you do not know which bottle to serve for success and successful wine agreements.



Among the largest black grape varieties in France, the Pinot Noir is a must, to be discovered without waiting. Why not take advantage of a wine tourism stay to visit the northeast region of France?

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