Quel vin blanc offrir ?

What white wine to offer?

When you are invited for a dinner or an event, it is good practice not to come empty-handed. The bottle of wine is then a sure bet to please, even if you don't know your host well. All that remains is to choose the right bottle among all the references of white wines to offer that can be found in stores.

Looking for the perfect gift for a white wine lover? Discover our ideas with beautiful appellations, favorites and perfect pairings.

Why offer white wine?

A wine lover will always tell you that giving white wine is a simple and effective way to show someone a little bit of attention. Indeed, it is a present that appeals to the greatest number of people, unlike red wines, which are more intended for experienced wine lovers. Very versatile, it can be enjoyed on any occasion , as an aperitif, as a dessert, and even as an accompaniment to a main course.

From sweet wine to sweet wine, including sweet wine and sparkling wine, white wine comes in a wide variety at all prices , which means you can always find the right bottle that will please you. And if you don't know the recipient's preferences, you can always turn to the prestigious appellations and wine regions recognized for their quality white wines, such as wines from the Loire Valley, Alsace, Provence, Vallée the Rhône, or even Sauternes.

Knowing how to choose a good white wine to offer

To choose the perfect bottle to please a loved one, it is important to take several criteria into account:

  • The person's tastes (sweet wines, sweet wines, sparkling wines, etc.);
  • The occasion (retirement drink, wedding, birthday, meal with friends, etc.);
  • Your budget , to find white wines at affordable prices or to choose a prestigious appellation;
  • The wine regions and the best appellations , to find beautiful bottles for a wine enthusiast, or to ensure you offer an excellent wine.

If you are really hesitant and don't know which bottle will make the ideal gift, don't hesitate to seek advice from a wine merchant, or look for opinions and advice in a wine guide.

Which white wine for which occasion?

To be sure to please with a good bottle, it is important to target your selection of white wines according to the occasion . We won't open the same bottle for a formal dinner, an evening with friends or for a wedding, for example. We offer you some good bottles of white wine from Provence depending on the event.

A nice bottle of white wine for a dinner

If you want to offer white wine to someone who invites you to dinner, you can opt for different vintages. If you do not know the menu or the tastes of the guests, it is then advisable to turn to safe bets. So, as an aperitif, you can choose without hesitation a beautiful bottle of white Terres de Berne. This white wine from the Berne estate and an AOP Côtes de Provence with a very nice balance and pleasant freshness.

To accompany a starter or main course, we offer 4 Provençal vintages:

  • Château des Bertrands white : with its aromas of exotic fruits and pear, this white wine works wonders with fish or goat cheese;
  • Grande Récolte white : to highlight white meat, grilled fish or poultry, this Côtes de Provence white is ideal, with beautiful aromatic complexity and tasty lemony touches;
  • White inspiration : this Château de Berne cuvée is a treat when accompanied with seafood. Its notes of citrus and white fruits highlight the flavors of fish and seafood;
  • Grande Cuvée de Berne : this iconic cuvée from the Berne estate seduces with its aromatic complexity. Its aromas of buttered brioche, grilled hazelnuts and pineapple juice work wonders with foie gras, poultry or noble fish.

A beautiful vintage of white wine for a celebration or an informal moment

A bottle of wine is the ideal gift to celebrate an important moment, such as a birth, Father's Day, or even a birthday. But you don't always have to have something to celebrate to have fun. In any circumstance, you can opt for our two white wines from Provence :

  • Ultimate Provence white : the elegance of the bottle of this Côtes de Provence white is ideal for celebrating an important moment. This 100% rolle then seduces with its aromas of citrus and pepper;
  • Le Pigeonnier du Château Saint-Roux : this organic white wine is an original vintage with a beautiful minerality and citrus notes. Ideal for a convivial aperitif, this white wine could surprise with its elegance.

Offering white wine is a safe bet, but choosing the right bottle is not so simple. If you want to be sure to please a loved one, go to our online store to discover our white wines from Provence .

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