Quel vin blanc choisir pour vos fêtes ?

Which white wine should you choose for the holidays?

Festive meals are always an opportunity to uncork a good bottle of wine. So, for the tasting to be at its best, it is better to choose wines that adapt perfectly to the dishes that will be served. Find out which white wine to choose for the holidays .

The variety of types of white wines

White wines, like red wines, come in a multitude of styles, and each has unique characteristics. Sweet, acidic, fresh, dry, fruity... Discover all the types of white wines that can be added to your holiday tables.

  • Light and lively white wine : these fresh, light and invigorating white wines have a pale yellow color. Depending on the grape variety, they can be intense (sauvignon blanc) or rather discreet (pinot blanc);
  • Fresh and full-bodied white wine : this type of wine is made from sweeter grapes, because they are more ripe. Suitable for aging, it is fresh, concentrated and intense. Some of them are aged in oak barrels, such as Chardonnay from Burgundy, or Chenin Blanc from Loire;
  • Fleshy and powerful white wine : also made from very ripe grapes, white wines of this type are low in acidity and rich, and have powerful aromas of white flowers, exotic fruits, yellow fruits, etc.;
  • Sweet white wine : when sweet, this type of fresh and light wine often has notes of exotic fruits and yellow fruits. Vinified as a sweet wine, it offers much more powerful and fragrant aromas of dried fruits and candied fruits;
  • Sparkling white wine : made from acidic and slightly sweet grapes, sparkling wines are lively and light, and reveal fruity aromas of citrus and green fruits, as well as floral notes.

Food and wine pairing: what to serve with white wine?

Knowing the characteristics of a wine is important because it will help you choose the wine according to the dish it will accompany .

Light white wine: with light dishes

Light white wines go particularly well with light, low-fat dishes . They will work wonders with iodized recipes (shellfish, shellfish, fish), but also with recipes based on vegetables, cold meats, or even low-fat, non-creamy cheese.

Dry and powerful white wine: with gourmet recipes

Regardless of the type of dry white wine with intense aromas , it is important to find a dish that will not be erased by the fat and fullness of the wine. It is then matched with a menu based on products of the same intensity , such as white meats in sauce, fatty fish, characterful cheeses, seafood and noble fish.

Sweet white wine: as an aperitif or dessert

Sweet white wines have the advantage of being light and subtle on the palate. They then offer their freshness and their aromas without imposing themselves and saturating the taste buds. They are therefore a wine of choice to begin or end a meal, as an aperitif or dessert . But sweet white wine is also perfectly suited to spicy dishes, sweet and sour recipes, or even certain strong cheeses.

Sparkling wines: as an aperitif, but not only

We usually serve sparkling wines as an aperitif , and sometimes even as a dessert, where they must be sweet. But they are also the ally of refined dishes, based on white meats, fish, pink meats, and seafood.

Our selection of white wines for your celebrations

The Provence terroir presents all the essential characteristics for the cultivation of white and red grape varieties vinified into white wines. And if we recognize this wine region for its rosé wines, you might be surprised by the quality of the white wines from our estates .

MDCV white wines for your festive aperitifs

If you want to start your festive meal with a good bottle of white wine, you can then choose a fresh and expressive wine , such as the Terres de Berne white, in AOP Côtes de Provence, or the Pigeonnier white, a wine organic gold medalist at the Provence Wine Competition. For slightly more intense aromas, we recommend Ultimate Provence and its elegant signature bottle. Finally, for a more complex and rounder white wine , turn without hesitation to the Grande Cuvée of Château de Berne.

MDCV white wines to accompany fish

The holiday menu continues with fish? Here again, the MDCV group can only recommend its exceptional white wines :

Planning to serve white wine with your holiday menu ? This sure value, which goes well with many dishes, will ensure you satisfy all your guests. Then go to our online store, or directly to our estates, to stock up on quality white wines from Provence .

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