Pourquoi le vin rosé est-il si attractif aujourd’hui ?

Why is rosé wine so attractive today?

Considered for a long time as a simple wine, intended for the uninitiated, the Rosé wine Takes its marks and won the market. Now invited to many tables, rosé wine has never been so attractive. Let's discover why the rosé meets such success.


Why does rosé wine attract so much?

Long relegated behind the red wine and the white wine, the rosé stands out today as a complex wine Capable of competing with the greatest wines of other colors.

The evolution of the consumption of rosé wine

In France, the Rosé consumption experienced a dazzling growth of + 53 % in just 15 years. This is essentially explained by the best quality of pink wines, but also by changes in consumer habits. Today, wine lovers want to enjoy an accessible and immediate gourmet pleasure. More and more concerned, women and young people are in search of lightness and freshness, and thus open the doors of the wine market to rosé.

The design of the bottle also plays a major role in theRosé attractiveness, and many buyers now pay attention to the label, the color, or the shape of the bottle.

The keys to the success of rosé wine

Beyond the evolution of consumption habits, rosé is attractive for many reasons.

  • Promotion of AOP wines by a dynamic organization;
  • Improving the Quality of pink wines (choice of grape varieties, vinification techniques, vineyard driving, etc.);
  • A wide range of aromas and wines, from the driest to the most fruity, from the lightest to the most structured, which attract a wide range of consumers;
  • The desire to consume French: France is 1er Importer and 1er global producer of rosé wine ;
  • The wish to taste wines at affordable and less complicated prices;
  • The desire to consume in a reasoned manner: more and more rosés come from organic farming ...


The change in the wine market: rosés at all prices

The massive and imposing arrival of rosé wine on French tables has inevitably upset the wine market in France and in the world.

Large distribution rosé

Quick to produce, and to drink young, rosé wine pleases, and the big industrialists have understood this. We have therefore seen the wine market extend to large distribution brands, where 2 groups share most of the biggest brands of rosé Sold in store: the Castel group, which has brands like Listel Rosé, Roche-Mazet, or the Villageoise, and the group "Grands Chais de France", whose brands Grand Sud and JP Chenet.

These pink wines are then produced in very large quantities, making it possible to lower prices to the lowest, and offer a Rosé wine bottle at a price between 1 and 4 €. And to attract more consumers, large groups do not hesitate to offer variants, such as flavored wine, and in particular the famous grapefruit.

AOP rosés

In France, 45 % of rosé wines produced are wines with controlled original designation (PDO). Guiding quality and typicity of the terroir, AOP like Côtes-de-Provence, Bandol, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence mainly produce Rosé de Provence. AOP is a real criterion of choice for consumers, who know that the vineyard and the winemaker have respected strict specifications, attesting to the quality of the wine. With a price between 5 and 10 € per bottle, the AOP rosy wines Sell ​​everywhere: in supermarkets, in restaurants, among wine merchants, but also directly to the fields of producers.

Prestige pink wines: separate cases

Far from the supermarket bottle, some vineyards from different wine regions specialize in high -end rosé, that the purposes of connoisseurs recognize as great rivals of the great red wines. This is particularly the case with post Malone and its Homemade rosé wine n ° 9. Produced in the Var, between Draguignan and Saint-Tropez, this rosé wine marketed since June 2020 is the result of hard work of true enthusiasts: Post Malone, Dre London (his manager), and James Morrissey, his friend. The sober and elegant design of the bottle of rosé, and the light color of the drink should not mistake you: house n ° 9 is worthy of a red guard wine.

The Prestige pink wines offer a rare complexity, which increases the price of the bottle to several tens of euros.


Rosé out of season: a new way of drinking rosé

Long considered a summer wine, to consume during a hot summer day, around a swimming pool or a barbecue, the rosé is now drunk all year round. Thus, almost 75 % of consumers claim to afford a small rosé glass Outside season, whether in the spring, in autumn, but also in winter.

The taste of rosé allows it to be associated with many hot and cold dishes, making him a guest of choice during aperitifs, but also at the table, or for dessert. Present in ski resorts as on seaside terraces, rosé wine is everywhere, which makes him most attractive wine of this last decade.



Revealing all the complexity of the wine, the different rosés make it possible to satisfy more and more consumers. The Domaine de Bern invites you to discover the Rosés de Provence wines By tasting the domain and visiting the vineyard and the cellars.

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