Peut-on acheter du vin rosé qui se garde ?

Can we buy rosé wine that keeps?

We often hear that a rosé wine does not keep. However, even if the majority of them are consumed in the year, some rosy wines gain in quality after a year or two on duty, and others, rarer, even have all the ability to age well for several years . So, let's discover what are the pink wines that keep.


How long to keep a bottle of rosé wine before opening?

When we talk about a guard wine, we obviously talk about the conservation time before the opening of the bottle. In this case, each rosé wine in its own conditions and duration of duty.

What types of wines are to drink in the year, and why?

A rosé wine which must be drinked within 12 months of the vintage is often distinguished by its pale pink color. It is generally a direct pressing wine, where the red grape juice is collected immediately, without an intermediate step or several hours of maceration, before it takes a too marked red color.

If this type of pink wines must be young, it is simply because the contact time between juice and the skin of black grapes has been very short. Quite light, he may then lose his aromas very quickly.


What are the types of wines to drink in 2-3 year olds, and why?

Certain rosé wines are completely able to be consumed after 2 or 3 years of guard. Short -term aging will have no impact on the quality of the aromas and the freshness of rosé wine.

It is often pink groove wines that can be kept as well. This vinification technique consists in taking tank juice to make red wine only a few hours after the start of maceration. The juice harvested will then be vinified aside.

The most tannic rosés, from grape varieties such as Mourvèdre, Syrah or Cabernet Franc, are more ready to age for 24 to 36 months.


What types of wine are kept for a long time, and why?

Contrary to what many think, there are also pink guard wines, which can be kept for several years before consuming them. These are wines that macerated at length, and were raised under wood (in barrels or thunderbolts). If some can age 5 to 7 years easily, others, rarer, can reach 10 years of carelessness.

These wines are aimed at informed palaces, because the aromatic palette, far from the fruity and explosive rosé, can surprise and confuse.


Under what conditions keep a rosé wine?

The shelf life of a bottle of rosé wine, whether or not, will essentially depend on the conservation conditions.

Keep the rosé before opening

It is essential to respect certain rules, especially if you want to keep a pink guard wine for several years. To help you, you should know that wine is sensitive, and does not like:

  • Too large temperature variations;
  • The light ;
  • The vertical position;
  • Too cool temperatures (never below 8 ° C), or on the contrary, too high (never above 18 ° C);
  • Too dry pieces;
  • Air currents;
  • Continuous or repeated vibrations.

To summarize, a rosé wine must, ideally, be kept in a dark and temperate room (12 to 14 degrees on average), and be stored in a lying position. The cellar is the best solution to protect the bottle from vibrations, air currents and temperature variations.

Finally, you will understand, a bottle of rosé which is not yet open should never be kept in the fridge, the temperature being too cool.

Keep the rosé wine after opening

Have you started a bottle and don't want to finish it immediately? Although conservation in the fridge before opening is prohibited, it is however the best solution to maintain a background of rosé in the best conditions. Indeed, rosé wine after opening needs to be cool, and out of light. This will be necessary to think of replying the bottle with the original cap, or an empty cap, so that the wine does not oxidize in contact with the air.


How long to keep a bottle of rosé wine after opening?

If some red guard wines may wait a little after opening before being consumed, this is not the case with rosé. The oxidation of the wine begins from its first contact with the ambient air, and even if you rebuild the bottle well, the process will not stop. It will then be necessary to drink the rosé wine remaining within 3 to 4 days maximum, at the risk of seeing the aromas fade completely.


To summarize, do not hesitate to consume delicate cuvées in the immediate future, more colored cuvées a year to 3 years later, and guard wines within 6 to 10 years. To discover the know-how of the Vignerons de Provence, the Château de Berne invites you to savor its quality pink wines.


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