Guide : comment cuisiner avec du vin ?

Guide: how to cook with wine?

The best meals are often accompanied by a good bottle of wine. And if wine is an integral part of French gastronomy and culinary heritage, it is also an excellent ingredient for cooking delicious dishes. So let's find out how to prepare wine-based recipes .

Cooking with wine: an art that can be tamed

From poached pears to coq au vin, the best wine recipes are often enjoyed in restaurants. But you can very well integrate this ingredient into your everyday dishes. To be sure to master cooking with wine , we advise you to start with the simplest recipes, such as a good wine sauce or coulis. Once you have mastered the art of measuring the quantity of wine and the cooking time, you can move on to serious things: beef bourguignon, eggs in meurette, mussels marinière, beef stew, fruit soup and other tasty simmered dishes.

Discover the art of enhancing your beef dishes with simple or classic recipes, such as delicious beef stew, a tasty dish that will delight your guests with every bite. Whether for a festive meal or an evening with friends, meats in sauce accompanied by a bottle of wine offer incomparable flavor.

For a simple recipe, but full of flavor, try veal paupiettes in wine, a comforting dish that will conquer the most demanding palates. And to complete your culinary experience, don't forget to choose the right bottle of wine to accompany your dishes. The wine recipes are numerous and varied, offering a palette of flavors that will highlight each dish.

With these recipes, transform each meal into an exceptional moment, where conviviality and pleasure combine perfectly. Discover the authentic taste of our grandmothers' recipes, revisited with a touch of modernity.

What type of wine in cooking for your best recipes?

To choose a wine that you will use in cooking, you must take into account the same food and wine pairings as for a drinking wine. Indeed, logic dictates that a bottle that works wonders as an accompaniment to a dish will also work wonders within the dish itself. Traditional recipes are then based on sure values:

  • Red wines with red meats or game;
  • White wines and rosé wines with fish, white meats, cheese dishes and fruity desserts.

The color of the wine will not be enough, and you must also take into account various criteria that will achieve an incomparable flavor. The main thing is to trust the aromas in your bottle of wine , because they will define your dish.

Good to know: the alcohol level of the wine does not matter, because the alcohol contained in the wine evaporates during cooking, leaving only the aromas. The alcohol level is only important if your recipe requires short cooking and/or very low temperature.

Which recipes with which wines?

Do you want to try new recipes by integrating the very particular flavors of wine? Here are some rules for choosing the right wine according to the dish.

Red wine recipes

Red wine generally goes well with red meat , but it can also work wonders with poultry. You can then make a marinade, integrate it into a sauce, or add it to the broth of your stew recipes. But red wines can also surprise in desserts, but be careful not to choose a vintage that is too intense, which will take over the other ingredients.

For a light red wine, we recommend a Val de Loire or a Beaujolais. For a slightly higher intensity, opt for a Burgundy or a wine from Provence. Finally, for full-bodied and more gourmet recipes, turn to a Côtes-du-Rhône or a Languedoc.

Recipe ideas using red wine : beef Bourguignon, coq au vin, beef stew, eggs with Meurette sauce, Marchand de vin sauce, poached pears, cherry soup...

White wine recipes

White wine is used much more often than we think in our recipes and brings good flavors to many dishes. While white wine is traditionally used in accompanying sauces, cheese dishes , white meats and soups, it is also very popular for cooking fish and seafood .

To cook with white wine, we readily turn to dry and balanced whites , which will provide a beautiful subtlety to white meat and seafood. We can also undoubtedly cook sweet recipes and desserts with wines. fruity whites . On the other hand, sweet and sweet wines should be avoided, because their sugars will be too pronounced in the mouth. The only food that can be enjoyed with sweet wine remains foie gras!

Recipe ideas using white wine : tartiflette, mussels marinières, sauerkraut, fondue bourguignonne, chicken with morels...

Rosé wine recipes

We think about it much less, but rosé wine is also a great ally of French cuisine. It must nevertheless be recognized that it is more difficult to master, because its heat resistance is relatively low. Too long a cooking time is enough to make all the flavors of the wine disappear.

In small quantities, cooking with rosé wine can surprise you in different recipes, and you can even use it to flambé a dish.

Recipe ideas using rosé wine : rosé strawberry soup, marinade for fish and meat, rosé vinaigrette, flambéed shrimp...

Do you like cooking, but have never dared to incorporate wine into your recipes ? Start with small quantities, in simple dishes, before embarking on more elaborate preparations. Once you've tasted it, you won't be able to do without it!

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