Guide des cépages : tout savoir sur le rolle

Guide to grape varieties: everything you need to know about Rolle

Rolle, also called vermentino, is a white grape variety rarely used by winegrowers, but which makes it possible to obtain fresh, light and aromatic wines. Discover all the secrets of roller skating .

To find out more about grape varieties, we invite you to read our grape variety guide .

The origins of the rolle

Cultivated all around the Mediterranean, Rolle is a white grape variety whose origins remain rather unclear. While some wine lovers say it comes from Italy, others think it comes from Spain. Note, however, that the white grape variety, which we call "rolle" in Provence, is rather called "vermentino" in the wine-growing regions where it is most present (Corsica, Sardinia and Italy). The Italian sound of this name suggests that the Italian route is perhaps the most likely.

Today, the Rolle grape variety is exclusively cultivated on the Mediterranean coast , and extends over 17,000 hectares of vines throughout the world.

The particularities of the rolle

The rolle is characterized by its frustoconical clusters which can be medium to large in size, and its leaves of 5 to 7 lobes, yellow when young, and dark green when ripe. Its grape berries have a white skin, which takes on a pretty pink color after ripening.

Particularly appreciating the hot climate , the vermentino also likes poor and dry soils, but it is rather sensitive to the wind. The winegrowers then lead it on wire to ensure its growth.

Picked in late harvest, rolle does not like damp soil, and is sensitive to powdery mildew and acid rot .

Rolle can be vinified alone, and thus produce dry, light and fatty white wines , with a pretty pale yellow color with green reflections. When blended with Cinsault, Ugni Blanc or Grenache, it brings a touch of freshness, but white wines and rosé wines often lack acidity. The striking aromas of this grape variety are fresh apple, sweet spices, green almond, ripe pear, hawthorn, and even fresh pineapple.

Wines from Rolle

Rolle is grown in all the wine-growing regions bordering the Mediterranean . It is then found in several geographical areas.

  • Provence (AOC Côtes de Provence and AOC Bellet): suitable for aging, this Provençal wine offers aromas of brioche, hazelnut and green almond;
  • Corsica (AOC Calvi and AOC Ajaccio): this wine offers a beautiful aromatic complexity with citrus aromas and floral notes;
  • Languedoc-Roussillon (AOC Côtes du Roussillon and AOC Côtières de Nîmes): spicy and fruity, this wine is more complex and reveals a Mediterranean temperament;
  • The Rhône (AOC Luberon): the white wines of Rolle produced in the Rhône Valley reveal citrus notes and a beautiful freshness.

Good to know: in many regions, rolle is also used to produce raisins.

What food and wine pairings from Rolle?

Rolle, which is also called vermentino, pigato, favorita, garbessa or vermentinu, produces wines to be drunk young in most cases. A true reflection of the Mediterranean terroir, it goes wonderfully with southern cuisine , but also with seafood (sea urchins, shellfish, sea bream, sardines, etc.) and white meat. Accompany it all with sunny vegetables: deliciousness guaranteed!

Our wines made from Rolle

Rolle is one of the white grape varieties grown by the winegrowers on our estates. Our experts then draw on all the qualities of this grape variety to produce exceptional rosé wines and white wines .

Rolle , or vermentino, is a Mediterranean grape variety that produces fresh and tasty white wines and rosé wines. In the wines of our estates, it is appreciated for its freshness and its varied aromas .

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