Accords mets et vin : le rosé, roi des barbecues

Put and wine agreements: rosé, king of barbecues

When summer comes, barbecue evenings and grills with family or friends are essential and guarantee happy moments. To accompany grilled meats and fish on the barbecue, rosé wine is a cold, fruity and tasty drink. Then find out how to choose your rosé for a barbecue.

What rosé wine to accompany beef on the barbecue?

Beef is a meat, whatever the cooked song. If it is traditionally accompanied by a rather tannic red wine, rosé wine is also essential to enhance the flavors of grilled beef. We will then choose a Powerful rosé wine, made with a grape such as Grenache, Syrah, or Cinsault. This will allow the wine to keep its Power in the mouth Despite the pronounced taste of red meat.

We then advise different pink wines to accompany a beef rib On the barbecue:

  • A rosé burgundy;
  • A rib of the Rhône;
  • A wine from the Pays d'Oc;
  • A Pinot Noir from Alsace;
  • A southwest rosé.

What rosé wine to accompany pork on the barbecue?

Pork, like all white meats in general, is light in taste. Must therefore find a rosé wine Who does not mask his flavors, and does not saturate the taste buds. We then adviseaccompany the barbecue pork with a young rosé wine, fruity and light. The fruity aromas will be all the more appreciated if pork is marinated.

We then recommend serve rosy wines varied with grilled pork:

  • A Burgundy rosé;
  • A Rosé Beaujolais;
  • A rosé bandol.


What rosé wine to accompany sausages and merguez on the barbecue?

Traditional and almost essential dish of a barbecue, the chipolatas and merguez are pork meats enhanced with spices. They are therefore full of character and strong in the mouth. It will then be Choose a powerful rosé, which can face so many flavors. Whether decorated with aromatic herbs, or any other spice, sausages and merguez are then accompanied with different rosé wines :

  • A rosé wine from the Pays d'Oc;
  • A rosé wine from Provence;
  • A rosé wine from the Rhône valley;
  • A Bordeaux rosé.

What rosé wine to accompany a barbecue fish?

For perfectly accompany the fish, even seafood on the barbecue, rosé wine must be chosen neither too vinous nor too light. However, do not hesitate to serve a rosé wine More powerful to accompany fish with a pronounced taste, such as sardine or herring. In general, we still offer to stay on little tannic pink wines :

  • A ribs of Provence rosé;
  • A rib of Aix-en-Provence;
  • A Burgundy rosé.


What rosé wine to accompany barbecue vegetables?

We think less, but the Grilled barbecue vegetables can also be Served with a good rosé wine. It is the most recommended wine, since it will bring freshness and fruity to your vegetarian dishes, and the slight acidity of the wine will not spoil the taste of food. Grilled vegetables or terracotta in the embers will be sublimated by Dry pink wines, with spice aromas. We then recommend several pink wines:

  • A Cabernet d'Anjou;
  • A rib of Aix;
  • A Languedoc rosé.

Summer stars, the barbecue and rosé are almost inseparable. It is still necessary to find the perfect dish/wine agreement, which will highlight the two products. To accompany your summer grilled dishes, do not hesitate to trust the Provence wines from the Berne estate.

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