Vin liquoreux ou vin moelleux : lequel choisir ?

Sweet wine or sweet wine: which to choose?

Among white wine lovers, we distinguish those who like dry, not very sweet wines, and those who prefer wines with a high sugar content. If you are among the latter, then you have the choice between sweet white wines and sweet white wines . Here are some tips to help you.

Sweet and sweet wines: where does the sugar come from?

The terms “liquoreux” and “mellow” only concern white wine, and define wines with high sugar levels . But do you know where this sugar comes from? If the yeasts do not transform all of the sugars in the grapes into alcohol during alcoholic fermentation, it is quite simply because the winemaker uses berries full of sugar, from late harvests .

The sugar level is such that the yeasts are unable to transform everything, which gives the wine a more or less sweet taste. In other words, sweet and sweet wines come from a grape over-ripening technique . On the other hand, if the sugar level is high, so is the alcohol level, because to concentrate sugar, the berry had to lose water.

Factors of variation in the sugar content of sweet and sweet wines

Although the sugar content of a white wine varies depending on the sugar contained in the grape, this is not the only factor that explains the different variations that can be encountered from one wine to another.

  • The role of noble rot (for sweet wine only): this fungus, called Botrytis Cinerea , develops on berries when climatic conditions are ideal, and affects the sugar level of a wine;
  • The grape raisining technique : this technique increases the sugar concentration of the grapes. All you have to do is let the berries dry on the vine or on racks (straw), so that the water evaporates.

Sweet wines or sweet wines: how to choose?

The major difference between a sweet wine and a sweet wine is the quantity of sugar per liter:

  • Sweet wine: 12 to 45 grams of sugar per liter of wine;
  • Sweet wine: more than 45 grams of sugar per liter of wine.

The choice between sweet and sweet must therefore above all be based on the personal tastes of the consumer. But you can also choose your sweet wine according to a food and wine pairing.

Thus, sweet and sweet wines, such as Jurançon, Sauternes, Monbazillac, vin de paille or even late-harvest Muscat, go wonderfully with foie gras or very salty cheeses . Generally speaking, these sweet white wines are excellent for softening and balancing strong flavors.

Our selection of white wines from the MDCV group

If you like white wines with good balance, the MDCV group offers you a selection of exceptional vintages:

Among the different types of white wine, sweet wines and sweet wines are certainly the most delicious. They are then a gift of choice to please a guest with a sweet tooth.

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