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Find out everything about our organic wines from Provence

Particularly focused on the terroir and respect for the environment, the production of organic wine is attracting more and more consumers concerned about preserving nature. In Provence, the Château de Berne approaches organic farming by combining modernity and tradition, to benefit from the purest expression of the Provençal terroir. Focus on organic wines from our Provence estates .

The notion of terroir wine: definition

When we talk about a terroir wine , we are referring to the soil and subsoil on which the vines used to produce the wine grew. The grapes then imbue all the unique characteristics of its terroir, which makes it possible to obtain the typicality of the wine obtained.

The notion of terroir takes into account, then, the quality of the soil, but also the climate, the type of wind, the exposure to the sun, the altitude, and all the criteria which have a direct influence on the characteristics of a ground .

The production of local wine then aims to find this specificity in each of its bottles. To do this, the winegrower lets nature express itself, intervening as little as possible. Each terroir then offers different wines, the complexity of which varies depending on that of the subsoils.

The Provençal estate of Berne and Saint-Roux: a terroir suitable for the production of organic wine

If Provence offers such different rosé wines, it is mainly thanks to the diversity of its terroirs . Among the 6 major areas of the Côtes de Provence appellation, the Domaine de Berne and Château Saint-Roux are located in the Haut Pays. Here, two geological entities stand out, to produce delicate white wines and rosé wines, and structured red wines:

  • The limestone plateau (80% of the vineyard) is characterized by its hot days and cool nights, which allow you to enjoy the slow ripening of the grapes and a fine, fresh wine;
  • The sandy and light soils , all around the castles, provide the wines with a beautiful richness.

The geological diversity and the multiple varieties of vines offer all the qualities necessary to produce exceptional blended wines .

Organic wines from Château de Berne

Certified in organic farming since February 2021, the vines of the Berne estate make it possible to produce unique and tasty organic wines every year.

  • Rosé Château de Berne vintage PUR - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: the Mediterranean climate, hot during the day and cool at night, allows us to produce this delicious rosé wine with beautiful complexity. Its fruity citrus aromas and its delicacy work wonders as an aperitif or with a barbecue;
  • Rosé Château de Berne Grande Cuvée - AOC Côtes de Provence - 2021 vintage: made from the 4 main Provençal grape varieties, this gastronomic rosé displays a beautiful roundness, floral notes and fruity aromas, perfect with Provençal dishes based on vegetables and fish;
  • Rosé Terres de Berne - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: gold medalist at the Mondial du Rosé, this blended rosé wine is fresh and fruity on the palate. Its aromas of mango and peach can be enjoyed with southern cuisine;
  • Rosé Les Oliviers - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: this blend of Grenache Noir, Carignan, Syrah and Cinsault offers a very fruity organic rosé wine, perfect to accompany sunny vegetables or fish;
  • Rosé Inspiration - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: recognized for its qualities, elegance and finesse, this rosé wine is distinguished by its notes of red fruits and white-fleshed fruits. We like it with white meat, poultry or grilled fish.

The organic wines of Château Saint-Roux

The Saint-Roux estate is not left out in producing quality wines, using organic farming . Here are 5 vintages of wines of 3 colors not to be missed.

  • Rosé Friponne - IGP Méditerranée - vintage 2022: wonderfully reflecting the authenticity of the Provençal terroir, this rosé wine is round and supple on the palate. We love its fruity and fresh aromas when accompanied by Mediterranean cuisine or a gourmet aperitif;
  • Rosé Le Pigeonnier - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: this rosé wine with intense aromas of white and stone fruits enhances grilled fish and Provençal recipes;
  • Rosé Château Saint-Roux - AOC Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: reflection of the complex terroir of Provence, this organic rosé wine is marked by its aromas of ripe fruit and its beautiful vinosity. It is ideal to accompany an aperitif or goat cheese;
  • White Le Pigeonnier - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: gold medalist at the Vins de Provence competition, this organic white wine cuvée reveals notes of fruit and white pepper which are refreshing during an aperitif, or with fish ;
  • Rouge Le Pigeonnier - AOP Côtes de Provence - vintage 2022: this balanced and structured red wine reveals notes of red fruits, pepper, liquorice and spices. An aromatic complexity that works wonders with red meats or a cheese of character.

The production of organic wine aims to put nature back at the heart of our habits, and allows us to obtain rich and tasty vintages. The Berne estate and the Saint-Roux estate then work in harmony with nature to produce high-quality organic wines from Provence .

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