Quel vin faut-il boire en période de forte chaleur ?

What wine should you drink in hot weather?

In summer, it's always nice to drink a glass of chilled wine. Friendly and refreshing, it is ideal for barbecue evenings or by the pool. But for the experience to be successful, it is important to know what wine to drink in summer , and especially when it is very hot.

Fresh and fruity rosé: a sure value

Rosé wine , with its beautiful pink color, is undoubtedly the star of summer wines . Particularly appreciated by women, it has fruity and fresh aromas which are very pleasant on hot summer days.

But not all rosé wines are suitable for summer consumption, and when temperatures are high, it is better to turn to dry, slightly sweet rosé wines , which will be fresher and fruitier.

Light and sufficiently fresh red wine

Red wines are also very pleasant in summer. Of course, we avoid very tannic wines, which are dull in high heat, and we turn to a type of light and fresh red wine .

The important thing is to serve it at the right temperature. In summer, it is not recommended to serve red wines at room temperature , because above 18°C, it becomes heavy and its aromas are less marked. Better to keep it between 16 and 18°C, and serve it at the last minute.

Chilled white wine

Just as popular as rosé wine, white wines are also safe bets in summer. Served between 8 and 12°C, they have the advantage of being refreshing while still being tasty. It is not a question, then, of serving great white wines, but rather refreshing vintages. In the same way, we recommend serving a dry and fruity white wine , rather than sweet or sweet white wines.

Sparkling wine: chic and fresh in summer

Sparkling wines , such as Champagne or Crémant, are also wines of choice in summer. During a festive summer evening, they bring freshness, while being very elegant. We then favor extra-brut vintages , in order to limit the sugar level which could saturate the taste buds.

Tip: in general, it is advisable to serve a summer wine 1 to 2°C below its ideal serving temperature, because once in the glass, the wine risks warming up quickly.

Our selection of summer wines

The wines of Provence reflect a sunny terroir, and are particularly appreciated in summer. So, if you can't decide between a red wine, a white wine and a rosé wine, here is a selection of our quality wines produced on our wine estates :

  • Romance rosé 2022 - IGP Méditerranée : with its aromas of peach and apricot, this rosé wine puts Provence in the spotlight and offers a beautiful freshness on the palate. It is particularly recommended as an aperitif or with Provençal cuisine;
  • Terres de Berne red 2020 - AOP Côtes de Provence : this elegant cuvée presents fruity aromas and a touch of liquorice that work wonders in summer. Perfect for an aperitif, it also goes perfectly with Southern cuisine;
  • Ultimate Provence white 2022 - AOP Côtes de Provence : this white wine in organic conversion reveals aromas of citrus and pepper which bring a beautiful freshness, very pleasant in hot weather. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, or with seafood.

There is no season to treat yourself to a good glass of wine. You just need to know how to choose it based on the weather. You are now informed to choose your summer wine and ensure a tasty tasting experience.

Our selection of wines

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