Notre sélection de vins rosés à prix doux

Our selection of pink wines at low prices

Taste a good rosé wine does not necessarily require the price and buy a classified Grand Cru. To allow you to discover good bottles without breaking the bank, we have made a Selection of pink wines at low prices.


The rosé wine of the castle of Berne: the Provencal terroir at a low price

Provence is recognized for its terroir particularly suitable for the cultivation of the vine. The Château de Berne knows how to draw all the character to make Pink wines at low prices.

A terroir conducive to the culture of the vineyard

The Domaine de Bern is located in the heart of Provence. Extended over more than 121 hectares, the vineyard benefits from a limestone soil, infiltrating the rainwater in depth. It is by drawing water to the end of the roots that the vine obtains grapes full of typical minerality.

Located at 300 meters above sea level, the Berne estate then benefits from the freshness of the nights, and sunshine and heat during the day, for a slow and progressive maturation of the fruit. This is how the Rosé wine from the castle of Bern Obtains this aromatic finesse and this characteristic freshness.

A rosé wine from ancestral know-how

If the quality of the terroir is essential for the manufacture of rosé wine, the know-how of man remains essential. At the Berne estate, the winegrowers have always worked in perfect agree with nature. The Bern vineyard is thus led to reasoned agriculture, for viticulture that respects the environment, and quality wines.

The entire process of making rosé wine, from harvest to bottling, respects rigorous techniques combining modernity with tradition allowing to obtain up to 750,000 bottles per year. Bern winegrowers then obtain a perfect balance of different techniques, for a Cheap rosé wine, at the service of quality.

You can also discover the vinification technique of rosé wines from the Berne estate through a guided and commented visit through the vineyard and the cellars.

A typical and expressive rosé wine from Provence

The combination of the exceptional terroir and the know-how of the winemaker makes it possible to obtain a Low -price rosé wine at Provence of very high quality. We then find a very expressive wine, with an intense and lively nose typical of the Provencal terroir. Notes of kernel fruit, citrus and exotic fruits of this AOC Côtes de Provence Make him an ideal rosé wine to accompany Provencal cuisine, grill, or even fish. Round in the mouth, the rosé wine of the Château de Bern is well structured, with an often long and tasty floral finish.

the Bern rosé wine, like the Mediterranean Spirit or the Land of Bern, is enjoyed from aperitif to the dessert with greed.


The best pink wines in Provence at very low prices

To allow you to drink Rosé wine at a low price Throughout the year, the Domaine de Berne has selected for you 4 Exceptional Provence pink wines.

Kiff - IGP Mediterranean Rosé, 2019

Let yourself be seduced by this bottle in surprising colors. She hides a very refreshing rosé wine into her, perfect for a hot summer evening. A typical product of the Provence terroir, the Kiff is aptly named since it ensures a nice mixture of red berries, exotic fruits, and nucleus fruit, for tasting full of gluttony. Light and fruity, this Rosé wine With the pale and frank pink dress perfectly accompanies the aperitifs and fresh entrances, such as eggplant caviar or a freshness verrine.

Great harvest 2019

The elegance of this bottle of rosé is like the nectar it contains. With its brilliant salmon dress, in the colors of clear fishing, the large harvest offers a subtle balance between intensity and elegance, thanks to the fruity aromas of white peach and red fruits. You will appreciate the roundness in the mouth, and the long finish, slightly spicy. So many sensations that will be perfectly combined with a freshness salad, summer fruits, and traditional Provencal dishes.

Romance 2019 - Mediterranean IGP

With its bottle with elegant lines, and its reusable glass cap, this Rosé wine cuvée From the Berne estate perfectly represents the sunny terroir of Provence. Ideal for an aperitif, or to accompany a Provencal dish based on fresh vegetables, a salad, or tapas, rosé romance wine offers notes of red fruit and citrus. You will appreciate her pale pink dress as much as her very aromatic nose.

Les Oliviers - Côtes de Provence 2019

Coming from organic farming, this rosé wine translates what Provence has better. You will find in this organic wine Aromas of citrus, exotic fruits and nucleus fruits, and a freshness that will offer a perfect marriage with grilled fish, sun vegetable salads, or even Provencal specialties. This Organic rosé wine Seduced by its pretty salmon color, but also by its spicy notes and its beautiful persistence in the mouth.


To have fun without spending a lot, the pink wines of the Berne castle offer you a selection of bottles of low price, to please you throughout the year at the best value for money.)

Our selection of wines

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