Une grappe de raisin ugni blanc

Guide to grape varieties: everything you need to know about Ugni Blanc

Ugni blanc is a white grape variety that is cultivated throughout the world. This contributes to its great notoriety, but it is above all appreciated for its many qualities. In France, it is found mainly in the vineyards of the South, where it is used to produce wines and brandies. Discover in detail the secrets of ugni blanc .

To find out more about grape varieties, we invite you to read our grape variety guide .

The origins of ugni blanc

Originally from southern Italy , and more precisely from Campania, ugni blanc is a grape variety that spread quickly across the country, finally arriving in Provence during the 14th century. It is one of the very old white grape varieties, since we find writings by Pliny, who speaks of it by calling it "trebulanus", and which date from Roman times (more than 2,000 years ago). We then find his trace in Gironde, in 1730, and more precisely in Cadillac.

Today, Ugni Blanc is the 3rd most cultivated grape variety in France (Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, Corsica), with more than 80,000 hectares of vines, mainly concentrated on the Mediterranean rim. But it is also found in Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Australia and South Africa.

Etymologically, the name of this grape variety of Italian origin comes from Trebbiano Toscano , affirming its Tuscan origins, but it takes other names depending on the wine-growing regions. It is then called Saint-Émilion des Charentes, muscadet, cadillate, or even castillonne.

The particularities of ugni blanc

In the vineyards, we recognize the Ugni Blanc grape variety by its elongated, narrow clusters and its small, round, golden berries . The grapes are then juicy and acidic.

Very fertile and vigorous, this productive grape variety likes poor and infertile soils, as well as a hot climate. Moreover, its late budburst and flowering protect it against spring frosts, and the temperate climate helps to balance its high acidity.

In terms of diseases and pests, although this grape variety from Italy can cope with gray rot and powdery mildew, it is however less resistant to downy mildew .

Its high yield and resistance have allowed it, over the years and decades, to supplant Folle blanche, for a long time the majority in the vineyards of France.

Wines made from Ugni Blanc

This variety of grape is one of the aromatic grape varieties which produces acidic wines , with a rather moderate alcohol content. It also serves as the basis for a large part of dry white wines, but also spirits.

  • Dry white wines : with its pretty pale yellow color and fruity nose, dry white wine made from Ugni is lively and fresh. Its high acidity provides a pleasant freshness on the palate;
  • Spirits : Ugni Blanc is the emblematic grape variety for Cognac and Brandy. It produces an amber and bright eau-de-vie, with harmonious perfumes, delicate and flowery aromas, and a velvety and round structure.

What food and wine pairings for Ugni Blanc?

When vinified into a dry white wine , ugni works wonders as an aperitif , because its freshness is always appreciated. But it also goes very well with shellfish, grilled fish, poultry, fresh cheese or vegetable dishes.

Distilled as an eau-de-vie, ugni can be enjoyed on ice or in a cocktail . It can also accompany sweet and sour dishes or desserts made with chocolate, orange or cinnamon.

Our wines made from Ugni Blanc

Ugni blanc is used in the composition of several vintages from our estates. Our winegrowers blend it with other grape varieties to produce fresh and tasty wines .

Ugni blanc is a discreet grape variety in blended wines, but a grape variety very present in French vineyards. Our Provencal estates then take advantage of all its qualities to produce tasty white wines , which you can find in our online store.

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