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6 advantages of having a wine cellar!

All lovers of good wine one day ask themselves the question of storing their bottles of wine. So, to ensure optimal storage, which will preserve all the qualities of the wine, nothing beats a wine cellar. Here are the 6 advantages of having a wine cellar at home.

Protect the wine from light

To ensure the best storage conditions for your wine bottles , you must be able to protect them from light. This is even more true if you have vintages that you want to age. Indeed, exposure to light can accelerate the oxidation of wine . It then loses its freshness, and the aromas that develop are not always very pleasant, sometimes to the point of making the wine undrinkable.

An electric or natural wine cellar allows you to store your good bottles away from light , in a dark place. Make sure, if you buy an electric model, to choose a cellar with a solid door, or anti-UV glazing, to prevent rays of light from passing through. This applies to both natural light and artificial light.

And if your natural cellar cannot be completely dark, then consider covering your bottles with a black cloth, or storing them in opaque racks.

Protect wines from humidity

Wine is a very sensitive living product, which must be protected from numerous elements. Humidity is one of them, and one of its greatest demands. Indeed, the humidity level in wine cellars must be high enough to protect the cork from drying out (between 65% and 75% ideally), it must not be too high either, at the risk of developing bacteria and mold.

Here again, electric wine cellars are the ideal tool for maintaining a good level of humidity , without having to worry about it. And if you are lucky enough to have a natural wine cellar, but its humidity level is too high or not high enough, do not hesitate to invest in a dehumidifier or an air humidifier.

Controlling wine storage temperature

A bottle of wine must be stored at the right temperature to ensure optimal preservation. The wine cellar then has the advantage of maintaining a constant temperature .

Be careful, however, to adapt the temperature of your cellar to the different types of wines it contains. Indeed, not all wines have the same ideal storage temperature . Red wines are best kept in the cellar at around 15 to 18°C, while white wines and rosé wines are best kept between 10 and 14°C on average.

Furthermore, wine cellars also have the advantage of avoiding temperature variations , which can alter the wine, particularly in France, where winters are cold and summers are hot.

Protect the wine from vibrations

Another pet peeve of wine, and particularly red wines, vibrations can disturb the sediment contained in the bottle of wine, and alter its quality. A service cellar or an aging cellar will then protect the wine from vibrations caused by the washing machine, the metro passing in the distance, or even car traffic near the house.

Aging your best bottles

If you are a lover of good wine, you may want to have your own wine cellar to acquire very good bottles , suitable for aging. Depending on the type of wine, you can then invest in an aging cellar , which will keep your wines safe for many years, ensuring them in good storage conditions. You can then control the humidity level, temperature and light once and for all, and quietly let your wine evolve for an exceptional future tasting.

Manage your stock of wine bottles

The wine cellar finally allows you to better manage your wine collection . You can then gather all your vintages in one place, and store them with organization and logic, to easily find them, and help you in your choice when the time comes to open a good bottle. You will then know, at a glance, which wine can still evolve a little, and which is suitable for maturity.

Furthermore, the wine cellar, whether it is an electric model, or a traditional cellar, is a very designer storage space , which enhances a room with taste.

Our best bottles of wine to perfect your wine cellar

Have you made your choice among different wine cellar models? All you have to do is fill it with good bottles. Here is for you a selection of essential Provence wines to perfect your wine cellar.

Do you like good wines and hesitate to invest in a wine cellar ? The winegrowers of the Domaine de Berne can only encourage you to choose this perfect storage space for your wine bottles.

Our selection of wines

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