Travailler dans le vin : le guide !

Working in wine: the guide!

Are you a big wine lover and dream of working in this exciting world? But integrating the wine industry is a big word, as the professions are so varied. From the vineyard to the cellars, and even into the cellars, discover all the possibilities available to you for working in wine .

Working in wine sales

If you love talking about wine and extolling the merits of your favorite vintages, you will thrive in wine sales.

In the agricultural sector, careers linked to wine are numerous and exciting. From oenologist to head sommelier, including cellar manager, each position requires technical skills and in-depth knowledge of wines. To succeed in this field, it is essential to master business strategy, have knowledge of oenology and scientific skills. Those responsible in this sector must be wine connoisseurs, capable of developing prosperous wine sectors. As the wine market is very competitive, a wine business requires a solid commercial strategy and in-depth technical knowledge.

Become a wine merchant

The wine merchant is a wine expert, but also an excellent salesman. Working in his own store, in a cooperative cellar, or within a vineyard, he meets customers to provide purchasing advice .

To become a wine merchant , it is recommended to follow a short course in wine, to know the merchandise well, but also to master wine marketing techniques.

Become a wine merchant

A wine merchant is responsible for traveling through the different wine-growing regions in order to find the best wines . Acting as an intermediary between winegrowers and consumers, he is responsible for bringing together wines from several producers, to then be able to offer larger volumes for sale to restaurateurs, wine merchants, or even individuals.

Several courses are possible to become a wine merchant:

  • BTSA technical-commercial, Wines and Spirits option;
  • Responsible Bachelor in Marketing, Sales and Wine Management;
  • Professional License Wine trade and wine tourism;
  • Master 2 commercial management of wine and spirits.

Become a sommelier

The sommelier generally works in restaurants. A true expert in oenology, he works in the dining room, with customers, providing valuable advice on the choice of wines. Its missions consist of developing the wine list , and recommending the best food and wine pairings to customers, taking into account their tastes and expectations.

The profession of sommelier is learned during a course in a hotel and catering establishment (CAP or professional service or kitchen certificate, with sommelier option.

Making wine

If you are more attracted by the idea of ​​getting your hands dirty and actively participating in wine production , several professions may suit you.

Become a viticulturist or winemaker

The winegrower is the professional in the wine sector who is at the very beginning of the wine production chain. Responsible for ensuring the growth of the vines and the maturity of the grapes in the vineyards, he is very close to nature.

The profession of winegrower is complementary to that of viticulturist, since it is responsible for transforming the grapes into wine . Working in the vineyards, during the harvest, and in the cellars, during the winemaking process, he is present throughout the production of the wine, until bottling.

To become a winegrower or viticulturist, you can follow a BTS viticulture oenology, a Master viticulture oenology, or a professional license in vine and wine professions.

Become an oenologist

The oenologist is a true expert in wine production. He masters both the scientific and technical aspects of viticulture and winemaking. He can therefore work easily in all structures of the wine estate, and intervenes at each stage of wine production . The profession of oenologist is particularly sought after in large wine estates.

To become an oenologist, there is only one diploma: the national oenologist diploma (DNO).

Become a cellar master

Working within a wine estate, the cellar master works in close collaboration with the oenologist. Its main mission is to supervise all stages of wine production , from harvest to bottling. Thanks to his good knowledge of all phases of winemaking, he ensures that each step takes place correctly.

To become a cellar master, you must pass a BTSA in viticulture and oenology, or a DNO (National Oenologist Diploma).

Become a culture manager

The cultivation manager is mainly involved in the vines and grape production. He is responsible for managing the teams of wine workers , developing schedules, directing each professional, and checking the proper development of the vines.

To become a crop manager, several courses are possible, such as the CAPA vineyard and wine, agricultural training with viticulture option, or the BPA vineyard and wine work, vineyard work option.

Become a farm worker

Placed under the orders of the cultivation manager, the agricultural worker works in the heart of the vineyard and puts his hands in the earth. If the position is accessible with the same training as the cultivation manager, it is also entirely possible to obtain a job without initial training, with a more general agricultural worker status.

Become a cooper

Less focused on wine, but just as essential in the wine sector, the cooper is responsible for manufacturing, maintaining and repairing the wooden barrels in which the wine is stored. Thanks to his know-how, the winemaker ensures that he can perfectly control the aging of the wine. The cooper then knows how to choose the species of wood according to needs, and masters the art of assembling barrels to perfection.

The profession of cooper is accessible with a CAP cooperage, with internships and work-study courses which allow you to put it into practice.

Jobs in the world of wine are very numerous, and touch on many areas of the wine industry. If you want to learn more about these wine professionals , do not hesitate to go directly to the areas to ask all your questions to the main interested parties.

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