Quel vin rouge offrir ?

What red wine to offer?

The bottle of red wine is the ideal gift when you are invited to lunch or dinner. A symbol of conviviality and refinement, red wine always pleases those who receive it. But to be sure not to make a mistake, given the numerous vintages offered in stores, here are some tips for offering red wine .

Why offer red wine?

Offering a good bottle of red wine has always been a tradition respected in many cultures. Whatever the event and the person to whom it is given, this little gift is a sure value with many advantages.

A symbol of refinement and sharing

Red wines are often associated with refinement and sophistication. A beautiful bottle is therefore the ideal gift to show special attention to someone. But red wine is also the symbol of conviviality and sharing . We often present our best bottles during precious meals with friends or family.

A universal and versatile gift

Crossing cultural barriers and being unanimous on all occasions, red wines are sure values ​​to please, even when you don't know your host well. Its great versatility also allows you to target a selection of wines according to tastes and occasions. You can then choose your bottles according to the grape variety, the vintage, the wine-growing region, the appellation, but also according to the budget.

A lasting gift full of history

Each bottle of red tells a story. That of a wine region, a particular know-how, a terroir or a passion. Wine lovers will therefore always be touched and curious to receive a bottle of red wine . And if you opt for a wine to keep , the gift then becomes durable, with the possibility of aging it so that it improves over time.

Know how to choose a red wine to offer

It is always very delicate to choose a red that we are going to offer. So, to be sure to please, here are some selection criteria to remember for your good bottles of red.

  • Find out about the recipient: if you know the person's tastes , your choice will be easier. If this is not the case, it is better to turn to safe bets, with light red wines from major appellations, such as Burgundy or Côtes de Provence;
  • Take the occasion into account : for a birthday, a birth or a significant event, a bottle with the vintage of the year being celebrated is always original. For a more traditional meal, you will have to try to adapt the food and wine pairing. When in doubt, choose a more versatile red;
  • Set a budget : the most expensive wines are not necessarily the best, and conversely, you can find very good bottles at affordable prices. Then set a budget to target your search;
  • Choose the best appellations : when you don't know much about wine, the best thing is to turn to prestigious appellations, whose quality no longer needs to be proven. A Bordeaux, a Burgundy or a Côtes de Provence will appeal to the greatest number;
  • Ask for advice: if you are really lost, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a wine merchant, or look for recommendations and opinions in wine guides.

Which red wine for which occasion?

Giving wine as a gift is both a safe bet and a hell of a challenge. So that your gift idea does not fall through, we have prepared for you a selection of red wines depending on the occasion.

Offer a good bottle for a dinner

In general, we recommend choosing your red wines based on the dishes they will accompany. If you don't know the menu, you can still turn to vintages that will adapt to all circumstances.

The Terres de Berne red vintage in AOP Côtes de Provence from the Domaine de Berne is a wine that will offer a great tasting experience, thanks to its fruit aromas and sweet flavors. As an aperitif or with sunny cuisine, it knows how to seduce everyone, whether you are passionate about wine or not.

To accompany a more gourmet dish, such as red meat or a cheese platter, offering a bottle of Grande Cuvée from Château de Berne is a good idea. This excellent quality AOP Côtes de Provence wine is appreciated for its floral and fruity notes.

Offer a bottle of red for a celebration or a less formal moment

To celebrate an important moment or to share a good bottle without formality, our selection of red wines from Provence will not disappoint you. You can then fall for the notes of red fruits and spices of the Ultimate Provence vintage , for the freshness and suppleness of the Inspiration de Berne vintage, or for the expressive aromas of black fruits of the Grande Récolte de Berne vintage.

Whatever your choice, these wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah will go particularly well with red meats and cheeses.

Giving a box of wine is an excellent gift idea for lovers of good wines. As a general rule, these boxes bring together carefully selected wine vintages, often from prestigious appellations or beautiful wine-growing regions. Why not opt ​​for organic or natural wines, for an ecological touch? Gift ideas that will delight wine enthusiasts!

Would you like to offer a good bottle of red wine to a loved one? Visit our online store to find our best red wines from Provence.

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