La Provence et ses vins séduisent les plus grandes stars américaines

Provence and its wines seduce the biggest American stars

For some time now, stars and celebrities around the world seem to have a particular interest in wine production. Many people invest in a vineyard, or create their own vintage. Let's see how Provence and its wines manage to seduce the biggest American stars .

Tony Parker and his rosé cuvée La Mascaronne

In the world of wine, summer 2023 is marked by the arrival of the La Mascaronne cuvée, a rosé wine cuvée from the château of the same name, in Luc-en-Provence, in the Var. But La Mascaronne is above all the first vintage of the great NBA basketball player, Tony Parker . Developed in association with the owner of the Provençal vineyard, this rosé wine testifies to the professional sportsman's love for the French terroir.

Tony Parker's objective is to offer consumers uninhibited rosé wines , reflecting what this personality from the world of sport can convey to a relaxed lifestyle. The idea is to show that it is easy to drink rosé wine, without having to deprive yourself of tasting an excellent product.

And, contrary to what many think, the athlete is not just advertising the vineyard, which is prohibited by the Évin law. For the partnership to work, Tony Parker had to prove his investment and interest in the project.

Rosé wine and the stars: a great love story

For several years now, we have seen more and more Provence wine estates working in partnership with big stars. These, in love for Provençal rosé wine, engage in short, medium or long term projects, to promote the vineyards by creating exceptional vintages.

Among the stars who demonstrate their love for Provence rosé by investing in wine estates, we recognize:

  • Kylie Minogue , the Australian pop singer, who worked in partnership for 5 years with Château Sainte Roseline, in Arcs-sur-Argens (83), to produce a top-of-the-range rosé en cru;
  • Carla Bruni , the former first lady of France, singer and model, participated in the creation of Roseblood d'Estoublon rosé wine.

Other stars have directly invested in their own wine estate, to produce their own Provence wines . This is particularly the case of:

  • Georges Lucas, owner of Château Margüi;
  • Georges Clooney, owner of the Canadel estate;
  • John Malkovich, owner of the Les Quelle de la Coste estate;
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, owners of Château Miraval...

A well-deserved success for Provence rosé wine

While between 2012 and 2021, the World Rosé Observatory noted a 10% drop in the consumption of still wines, rosé wines stand out by displaying an increase in export volume of 14% . Prices have even skyrocketed, increasing by 24%.

And all this is not the result of chance, because rosé wine knows how to seduce, thanks to the hard work of wine producers who perpetuate wine traditions from generation to generation. Rosé wine is quite a symbol in Provence. Indeed, La Côte de Provence, the kingdom of Provence, is recognized for its exceptional rosé wines, notably the 2022 Rosé wine; AOC Coteaux, with its deliciously pronounced fruit note.

Provençal cuisine, rich in flavors and local ingredients, finds perfect harmony with the region's rosé wines. The Baux de Provence, renowned for their unique terroir, contribute to the creation of authentic and appreciated rosé wines.

The region's winegrowers have been able to innovate and adapt to create rosé wines that appeal to as many people as possible. Thus, rosé wine becomes an ambassador of traditions, culture and the art of living in Provence, while asserting its place within the AOC Coteaux and seducing wine lovers with its distinctive character and its palette of flavors. unrivaled.

How did the United States fall in love with Provence rosé wine?

If American stars are becoming more and more interested in Provençal vineyards , it is not because of fashion. The historic love affair between the United States and the wine estates of Provence dates back almost 20 years, and it must be said that the French have done everything to seduce the Americans.

It all started with Sacha Lichine, in 2006, who bought the Château d'Esclans to produce high-end rosé wine, and did everything possible to introduce it to the jet-set across the Atlantic. He manages to transform rosé wine into a true glamorous and chic art of living, and produces the most expensive rosé wine in the world (Garrus vintage). American stars join, like Reese Witherspoon or Lady Gaga.

Subsequently, it was the legendary couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who fell for the rosés of Provence , so much so that they decided to buy their own wine estate in the Var. The wines produced in partnership with the Perrin family are mainly marketed in Hollywood, and are a hit. Then followed Georges Lucas, and even Georges Clooney, who invested in Provençal wine estates and produced rosé wines for their American compatriots.

The Post Malone vintage, our rosé wine in collaboration with the American singer

The Château de Berne also succeeded in attracting wine lovers across the Atlantic, and was offered the opportunity to produce an exceptional rosé wine in collaboration with the singer Post Malone. Marketed in 2020, this vintage named Maison n°9 by Post Malone is the fruit of the work of the winegrowers of the Berne estate and the 3 partners of Maison n°9: Post Malone, Dre London (his manager) and James Morrissey ( his friend).

With its very sober design and its glass stopper, this bottle of rosé wine is chic. When tasting, we discover a mineral IGP Mediterranean wine , with a beautiful balance, and aromas of candy and peach.

The work of Provençal winegrowers is recognized throughout the world, and the rosé wines of Provence continue to seduce. Although it has long been considered a low-quality wine, rosé today stands out for its complexity and freshness, and is the delight of American and international stars.

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