Les meilleurs sites d’achat de vin en ligne

The best online wine buying sites

Online sales are very successful and is making more and more followers. The wine is no exception, and each year thousands of bottles are ordered on the Internet in France. To help you choose your online wine merchant, here is a selection of Best online wine buying sites.

Twil: Foster short circuits

Twil is a site of Online wine sale which facilitates direct sale. The wine lover can thus find bottles thanks to the site, have information and consumer opinions. For its part, Twil offers you Order your wine directly to the producer. This solution is the most advantageous for the winemaker, and the customer nevertheless benefits from free delivery from 6 bottles, and private sales and regular promotions.

Le Petit Ballon: discover wines and winegrowers

The most curious will be seduced by this concept which offers a Wine box subscription. Each month, the consumer receives a Selection of wine bottles Red, white wine and/or rosé wine selected by former Sommelier chef of Ritz, Jean-Michel Deluc. The prices offered are always set in accordance with the winemaker, and the Selection of wines is very wide, ranging from traditional wine to reasoned wine, including organic wine. You will discover each month, as desired, wines from the 3 colors, effervescent wines, and spirits.

Amazing wines: Drinking original wines

You like to go out of the beaten track and explore original wines. The amazing wines site works directly with producers to find out of the ordinary bottles. You will have the choice from a wide selection of French and foreign wines : white wine, red wine, rosé wine, effervescent wine, and even orange wine! These author wines are available on an ergonomic site, where research is facilitated thanks to pictograms and a catalog classified by vintages, regions, grape varieties, names ...

Vinatis: trust the market leader

Among all Online wine purchase sites, Vinatis is a real institution that works to offer Wines at the best quality/price ratio. The selection of bottles is huge, and makes it possible to meet all the expectations of wine lovers. There is a great offer of medalist wines, and many wines with a note greater than 90/100 in the Robert Parker guide.

The notoriety of the site also allows him to take advantage of the opinions and comments of customers online, and to have a quick answer to all the questions that can be asked beforebuy wine.

1 day: taste wines at low prices

Ideal for Discover new vineyards Without spending crazy sums, 1 day is a wine sales site that favors the best prices. You then enjoy a wide selection of wines of any type. The site also selects, every week, a private dishes, and offers a Selection of wines which go perfectly with this food or this recipe.

Finally, you may appreciate participating in the blind sale, organized each year. You will receive a mystery selection of Exceptional wines which will allow you to discover new vineyards.

Idealwine: savor old vintages

More experienced consumers will be delighted to discover this Online wine sales site which offers exceptional bottles. Great wines and best vintages are within click, in direct purchase, or auction.

If you have a beautiful cellar, and you want sell a bottle, the Idealwine site offers you the opportunity to estimate your wine, and sell it at the right price.

Why buy your wine in direct sale from the producer?

Buy your wine online Nevertheless does not buy buy directly from the producer. The short circuit is a favorite channel, and even more in direct contact, for several reasons.

The advantages of direct sales for producers

The direct sale With producers remains a distribution channel to favor. By going directly to the domain, or through Short circuits sites, the work and know-how of the winemaker is honored. He can thus favor real exchanges to share his passion, and give personalized information to the customer.

In addition, direct sale facilitates production management. The owner of a vineyard can keep an eye on his products, and does not depend on market prices fluctuations.

The advantages of direct sales for the consumer

More and more wine lovers prefer contact the producer directly, rather than buying from a supplier. The reasons are multiple, and vary from one consumer to another.

  • Search for a authentic wine, for which manufacturing information is precise and as natural as possible;
  • Consume fresh wines, which are certainly stored in the best conditions, directly in the producer's cellar;
  • Create a link with the winemaker, to honor his know how and exchange with him on the product;
  • Give meaning to wine consumption, by choosing the vineyard, and having fully chosen the wine manufacturing method ...

The Online wine sale is a great opportunity to discover new vineyards and vary the pleasures. We can only recommend that you favor direct sales, to help the producer and promote the short circuit.

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