Le succès du vin rosé

The success of rosé wine

the Rosé wine has been experiencing a real explosion for 20 years. Phenomenon hitherto Franco-French, he is now invited to all tables in the world, and becomes a real international success. Discover, through figures from a 2018 study, the spectacular evolution of the production and consumption of rosé in the world.


Consumption of rosé wine in France and in the world

In 16 years (from 2002 to 2018), the Rosé global consumption exploded, with an increase of 40 %. Among the largest consumer countries in the world, we have France (34 % of global consumption), and the United States (20 % of global consumption) and Germany.

If we note a drop on the side of Germany (which does not prevent him from staying in the top trio), Italy and Spain, the Rosé wine consumption However, is increasing in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, or even Norway.

2018 is marked by a Rosé wine consumption record, with an increase of 9 % in just one year. This level never reached until then corresponds to 25.6 million hectoliters, which represents 11.2 % of the overall consumption of wine, all colors combined.


Rosé wine production in the world

The global production of rosé wine experienced an increase of 31 % between 2002 and 2018, despite a drop in 2017, linked to climatic conditions and bad harvests.

Againly reaching record figures, the Rosé wine production However, remains uneven and fluctuating around the world. Thus, France remains the first rosé producer country, followed closely by the United States and Spain. They represent only 3 almost 64 % of the total rosé production in 2018.

Faced with this record, the other European countries have dropped their production, while Chile, South Africa, the center and eastern Europe have seen their productions increase.


Imports of rosé wine in the world

In terms of imports, the rosé wine is still experiencing a record increase, since 4 bottles of rosé consumed out of 10 comes from importation, or 40 % of the total volume of pink wines produced.

Among all Rosé wine importers, the most important are France (1/4 of world imports), Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If in volume France is in pole position, on the value side, it is the United States that stands out, with an import of almost 500 million euros (22 % of the world value of imported rosé wines).


Rosé wine exports in the world

On the side of Global exports, rosé wine is not to be outdone, with an increase of 39 % between 2002 and 2018.

The Rosé wine exporting countries The most important are Spain, Italy and France, alone representing 75 % of world exports.

In value, France (32 % of exports) and Italy (20 % of exports) are the big winners of theglobal export of rosé wine.


The figures speak for themselves and testify to the Success of rosé wine For the past twenty years. The Château de Berne invites you to discover His pink wines from Provence, and thus understand the reasons for such a craze.


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