Jardin de Berne : restaurant étoilé du Var alliant gastronomie et écologie

Berne Garden: Star Restaurant du Var combining gastronomy and ecology

The Domaine de Berne is a vast property where nature has a preponderant place. It is therefore logically that the chefs of the star restaurant Le Jardin de Berne, respect the environment and are inspired by it to create exceptional menus. Discover this Star restaurant of Var which combines gastronomy with ecology.


The gastronomy of the Berne garden, our star restaurant in the Var

In the Bern Garden, gastronomy is almost an art of living, which takes shape with the work of passionate chiefs in the field. Between Provencal traditions and respect for nature, Berne cuisine is a committed kitchen.

The chef of the Berne Garden Chef

To deserve his Star in the Michelin Guide, the gourmet restaurant Bern Garden The privilege of being led by talented cooks, who master the culinary arts with a master's hand. In perfect connection with nature, the chef is inspired every day treasures that the Provencal terroir gives him, to imagine a map where each product is sublimated. As surprising as they are generally, associations of ingredients and tastes imagined by enthusiasts of Berne kitchens Allow the restaurant to offer everything Provence has best, during a perfectly incredible tasting experience.

The 3 chefs of the Berne estate

To achieve such a degree of perfection and harmony between flavors, textures and colors, several chefs are in the process.

Louis Rameau, the chief of the Bern garden

At the controls of the Bern Garden Kitchen Since 2020, the Chef Louis Rameau However, works in the starred restaurant since 2016. It is behind the scenes of the establishment that this enthusiast lets his talent express themselves, through maps where nature is in the spotlight. Mixture of Provençal art of living and sublimation of local products, the chief's dishes testify to the creativity of the professional. An inventiveness which he finds within nature, during the daily picking within the Berne castle vegetable garden.

Chef Louis Rameau then wishes to let nature express itself, by proposing unique dishes where each ingredient frees its flavors at the service of a refined gastronomy, but almost raw.

Éric Raynal, the pastry chef of the Bern Garden

Working in harmony with chef Louis Rameau, chef Éric Raynal is the master of gourmet desserts and preparations. Also arrived in 2016 in the Bern Garden, he quickly demonstrated his talent, and only needed one year to be promoted pastry chef in the starry restaurant, but also in the Berne bistro.

In the same line as Louis Rameau, Éric Raynal puts nature in the spotlight to imagine desserts as sumptuous as refined. He did not hesitate to enlarge the orchard in the domain, by planting atypical citrus, which he sublimates daily through exotic recipes entirely made with local products.

His tenacity and creativity allowed him to be a winner of the Michelin guide in 2020, in the "Passion dessert" category.

Ludovic Bernard, the baker from the Bern Garden

True master in the conception of breads and pastries, the Baker's baker Works the flour and yeasts brilliantly. For him too, creativity and the environment are the guides of his know-how, and he remains perpetually listening to nature to imagine and produce exceptional breads. Artisan advocating the good taste of simple things, Ludovic Bernard loves bread when he is pure, free from frivolity.

He then imagines sourdough breads Harmoniously accompanying the dishes prepared by chef Louis Rameau, and pastries of an incomparable delicacy.


A starred restaurant responsible in the Var

If nature is at the very heart of all restaurant kitchens, them Restaurateurs engaged For the protection of the environment and respect for the seasonalities are still too few. However, this is a commitment that is close to the heart of the Bern Garden.

An area entirely turned towards nature

In Bernaine, everyone is well aware of the importance of the nature and value of local products. It is for this reason that the space has been fully invested to allow winegrowers and cooks in the field to enjoy all these raw treasures.

This is how there are more than 3,000 m² entirely dedicated to the Organic cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs. The chefs can then draw everything they need to create their exceptional cards daily, and thus offer fresh and seasonal products, with taste and preserved benefits.

The Green Star of the Berne Garden

Ecological commitment is such in the Bern garden, that the Star restaurant of Var was awarded a Green star by the Michelin guide. This distinction rewards committed establishments, as is the Bern Garden. This results in organic and local products, but also by the table arts, mainly from local producers, such as knives from Draguignan, and hand -made plates.

A vineyard turned towards organic

Because a good meal is often accompanied by a good wine, the Bern vineyard is also part of this strong environmental commitment. Indeed, since February 2021, the 175 hectares of vineyards of the Domaine de Bern are organic farming certified. An approach which is part of the deep values ​​of the Château de Bern, and which makes it possible to obtain exceptional wines where the richness of the terroir is perfectly sublimated.


Committed and passionate, the chiefs of Star restaurant of Var The Berne Garden invite you to live a unique culinary experience, as close as possible to nature.



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