Comment offrir une vigne à un proche ?

How to offer a vine to a loved one?

Giving a gift to a wine lover is pretty easy at first. But over time, the beautiful bottle of wine or the book on wine no longer has the desired effect. So, to be original, how about offering a vine ? This brand new concept is very successful, we explain how it works.

Offering a vine: instructions for use

It is difficult to imagine how it is possible to offer a vineyard to a loved one without moving to the heart of a vineyard and retraining as a winegrower. Unless you offer a vine to plant at the bottom of the garden? Rest assured, the concept is much less complicated and much more original.

Offering a vine consists of asking your loved ones to adopt a vine in the heart of the vineyard of your choice. This commitment, often for a period of one year, and renewable at will, allows you to benefit from different services:

  • Receive a bottle of your adopted vintage , with the possibility of generating a bottle label in your name;
  • Possibly receive a surprise bottle from the winemaker;
  • Receive news from your vineyard regularly, throughout the seasons, but also information on the grapes and wines it will produce (food and wine pairings, recipes, etc.);
  • Take part in an educational tour of the wine estate and discover the winegrower's profession for a full day;
  • Participate in a wine tasting workshop from your own vintage...

Depending on the offers, it is sometimes even possible to participate in the harvest of the vineyard where your vines are located.

Sponsorship of a vine: an original and personalized gift

Are you tired of giving a box of bottles to the wine lovers around you every year? Adopting a vine will undoubtedly surprise and seduce with its originality and the unique experience offered.

The advantage with this original gift idea is that you can personalize the adoption of vines by choosing several criteria:

  • The wine region : most wine production areas today offer the option of adopting a plot of vines (Rhône Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux, etc.). This can be done through a specialized company, such as Cuvée Privée or Covigneron, or directly with wine producers in their wine estates;
  • The quantity of vines: you are free to choose the size of your plot of vines , and can even adopt vines in several different vineyards, in order to multiply the experiences.

All the good reasons to offer a vineyard to a wine enthusiast

To prove to you that adopting a vine is an ideal gift for a wine lover, here are all the advantages of making such a surprise.

  • A personalized wine gift : far from the traditional bottle of wine, the adoption and sponsorship of vines allows you to create a 100% unique gift;
  • A surprise full of conviviality : if wine is shared with the people you love, adopting a vine allows you to experience exceptional moments with the winegrowers;
  • A very authentic gift : the winegrowers confide with great sincerity about the passion for their profession and take care of your vines with all the know-how that characterizes them;
  • A surprise to improve your knowledge of oenology : the world of wine is so vast that you never stop learning. With an adopted vineyard, you switch to the side of wine production, to learn more about viticulture, the different stages of work in the vineyards and in the cellars, and the impact of each gesture on the quality of the wine;
  • A gift for making the best food and wine pairings : very often, the owners of wine estates provide detailed information on the vines and the wine. In particular, they provide numerous advice on food and wine pairings, in order to enhance the product with elegance;
  • An invitation to wine tourism : if the gift box allows it, it is possible to go directly to the vineyard. This is a great opportunity to discover the vineyards of a region;
  • A surprise that lasts over time : the adoption of a vine commits you for an entire year, the time that you can follow an entire cycle of the vine. It is up to you to continue your commitment or not.

Take part in our discovery workshops for an unforgettable day in the heart of French terroirs. Wine tastings, acquisition of vines and vines adopted from exceptional estates. Live the unique experience of creating your personalized vintage, accompanied by passionate winegrowers on family farms. Leave with your personalized bottle, a true heritage of the rich French wine heritage. A good idea to explore the aromas of the vines and contribute to the preservation of our beautiful terroirs.

It's always difficult to find the perfect gift idea for a wine lover who already has all the wine books and accessories, and a well-stocked wine cellar. So consider giving him a vine , this is a gift that will definitely surprise him!

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