Comment nettoyer une tache de vin rouge ?

How to clean a red wine stain?

Who has never spilled their drink, or at least a few drops, during a lively evening or a quiet dinner? Nothing serious about that, a quick wipe and we'll say nothing more about it! But what happens when it's red wine that lands on a sofa, a tablecloth or clothing? Don't panic, there are several tips for cleaning a red wine stain . Here are a few.

Getting rid of a recent red wine stain: the main tips

Red wine stains are probably the hardest to clean, but with the right tips, it is entirely possible to do so. By acting quickly, you will be able to repair all your surfaces.

Apply flour, Sommières earth or talc

Talcum powder , flour , Sommières earth or even potato starch can work miracles on a still damp red stain. By sprinkling the stained surface, the ingredient will absorb the colored moisture . Once the surface is dry, simply brush it to remove excess powder.

Mistake to avoid: some grandmother's tips recommend applying salt to the stain. However, salt will only make the situation worse, since it will set the color of the wine.

Soak in hot milk

If you have just dropped wine on a textile, start by patting the stain with a clean cloth or absorbent paper to remove as much moisture as possible. Then, all you have to do is apply some pressure on the stain with a cloth soaked in hot milk . Let the milk-soaked stain sit for at least an hour, and the wine stains should disappear.

Use a mixture of alcohol and soapy water

To remove clothing, a fabric sofa or any textile that has received red wine, you can also use a mixture of 70° alcohol, water and liquid soap . Apply this mixture using a clean cloth, and dab the stain thoroughly. Finish by rinsing with clean water.

Spread shaving foam

If you have a can of shaving cream on hand, take the opportunity to apply some to the wine stain. You will then just have to put the fabric in the washing machine so that you no longer see any traces of red wine.

Old red wine stain: we can still get rid of it

It can happen that you drop a few drops of red wine without even realizing it. Unfortunately, when the stain is old and already dry, it is more difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are a few tips for cleaning a dried red stain .

Apply a mixture of white wine and baking soda

A dry red wine stain can be removed by first soaking it in white wine with a clean cloth. You can then spread a tablespoon of baking soda on it, and leave it to act for at least 3 hours, taking care to regularly moisten the stain. All you have to do is put the fabric in the machine to see the stain disappear.

Use a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol

Using a damp cloth, apply a mixture of water (1/2 glass), household alcohol (1/4 glass) and white vinegar (1/4 glass) to the old stain. After a few minutes of rest, put your laundry in the machine to remove it completely.

Apply ammonia

To remove old red wine stains, you can apply ammonia using a clean cloth. So remember to protect your hands and not breathe the vapors.

How to clean a wine stain based on the surface

Logically, you don't clean a red wine stain on a nice shirt like you clean this type of stain on a leather sofa. Each material has its own tip:

  • On leather : on a fresh stain, you can remove as much liquid as possible with an absorbent paper soaked in alcohol, water and makeup remover milk . If the stain persists, the leather can be cleaned with clay stone and 70° alcohol;
  • On suede : to remove excess wine from a recent stain, you can sprinkle talcum powder . If the stain has been there for a long time, you can remove it by patting a clean cloth soaked in white vinegar;
  • On varnished wood : such a stain will come off easily with a mixture of olive oil and methylated spirits , without forgetting to rinse well afterwards;
  • On waxed wood : a mixture of water and black soap is particularly effective on waxed wood. When applied with a sponge, the wine stain disappears easily;
  • On tiles : if the material is not too porous, you can erase the red wine stain with a mixture of water and soda crystals . This mixture also works on stone;
  • On a carpet or rug : on this type of textile, it is essential to act quickly. You can then remove the excess liquid with a sheet of absorbent paper, then create a paste from a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice . Applied with a toothbrush, the mixture should act for an hour before being rinsed with lukewarm water.

Have you dropped red wine on your shirt or carpet? Don't panic, this little stain should not spoil your pleasant evening, and you already know several home tips for cleaning a red wine stain without stress.

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