Comment choisir un bon vin rouge ?

How to choose a good red wine?

Unless you are a real oenology expert, it is never easy to Choose a good red wine, as the offer is vast. To help you in your selection, discover the criteria to take into account to choose a good red wine.


Red wine grape varieties

The particularity of a red wine comes mainly from its grape variety, in other words, the variety of vine and wine regions. In France, 11 grape varieties allowget red wine.

  • the Cabernet Franc : very often present in the Loire Valley in monocepage, the Cabernet Franc is frequently assembled with Merlot in Bordeaux, and gives a fruity wine to the dark dress;
  • the Cabernet Sauvignon : very widespread in Gironde and Garonne (Graves and Médoc), this grape gave red wines to the aromas of black fruit and the purplish, even garnet dress;
  • the Carignan : Present in Languedoc-Roussillon and in the Rhône valley, the Carignan is one of the black grape varieties which offer a very dark wine, with aromas of very ripe and black fruit;
  • the Cinsault : grape variety widely used for southern wines and rosés, the Cinsault offers a garnet wine, and notes of sweet red fruit;
  • the Malbec : largely in the majority in Cahors (southwest), but also present in Languedoc, Bordeaux and Touraine, this grape gives red wines to bluish reflections, and aromas of black berries;
  • the Gamay : emblematic grape of Beaujolais, we also find it in the Loire, the center and Auvergne. Red wines from this grape variety have aromas of strawberry and raspberry, and a ruby ​​dress;
  • the Grenache : dominating the assemblies of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, this grape gives a wine to the cherry scents, and to the garnet dress;
  • the Merlot : the most cultivated grape in France, the Merlot is found in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, and gives a round and fatty red wine, with aromas of blackberry jam and the purplish, almost black dress;
  • the Mourvèdre : very present in the south-east of France, in Roussillon and Provence, this grape variety offers a dark garnet wine, and notes of blueberry, raspberry and ripe;
  • the Pinot Noir : This grape is found in Burgundy, but also in the red wines of Alsace or the Jura. It presents a clear wine, with aromas of red fruits;
  • The Syrah : renowned grape for red wines from the north of the Rhône valley, Syrah is also found in Languedoc, assembled with Carignan and Grenache. It offers a purplish black wine, notes of spicy black fruit.


Diet and red wines associations

If the grape variety does not talk to you much, it can be easier to Choose a red wine Depending on the dishes he will accompany.

  • A red wine as a starter : If a fresh red wine will be perfect for softening a delicatessen dish, it will be recommended to turn to a tannic red wine for a salad, or to accompany a fish.
  • A Red wine in main dish : red wine is always the best ally of dishes based on red meats, and simmered dishes. But the marriage of red wine with tuna, tomato, or poultry is also a wise choice.
  • A red wine with cheese : The cheese and red wine agreement is always delicate, also better to play on a regional wedding. Then choose a wine from the same region as the cheese.
  • A red wine for dessert : Here again, the red wine and dessert wedding is delicate, but it will make a faultless with a chocolate cake, or a red fruit pie.


The age of tasting red wine

Red wine is probably the best known to be able to aging. But how do you know when you can open a bottle of red wine at its peak ? We can consider that the red wine has 3 very distinct ages:

  • Childhood, where its color is radiant, and primary aromas, with floral and fruity notes;
  • The youth, where the dress has not changed much in less than ten years, but the aromas are more greedy and affirm spicy or reglled notes;
  • Maturity, where color takes orange or vermilion shades, and aromas become complex and overlap.


A red wine by type of event

Another way of considering the Choice of a red wine is to adapt it to the type of event, and the sensations sought.

A light and elegant red wine

The Light red wines have less tannins and acidity. They are therefore particularly recommended to accompany fatty dishes, or recipes made up of little -strong foods, such as white meat or vegetables. For an elegant and light red wine, we can, for example, turn to a Burgundy wine, the Jura, or Beaujolais, or even a Loire wine. Provence wines are less expected, and yet they offer expressive and fresh wines, such as the Land of Bern Côtes de Provence.

A robust and powerful red wine

For accompany dishes of character, it will then be necessary to turn to a more tannic red wine, which will enhance the flavors of red meat, game, or even a dish in sauce or dry cheese. The red wines of Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon or a rib of the Rhône will then have enough power. Provence takes advantage of its sunny terroir to offer carpened red wines, such as the amazing ultimate Provence Up Rouge, or the cuvée of the Château de Bertrands. Bandol wines are great wines which also make the renowned of Provence.


You now know how to make a Selection of red wines Depending on the grape varieties, the dish and the event. Let yourself be tempted by the discovery of the different red wines, and find out how to sublimate a dish by highlighting its aromas.

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