C'est l'été : comment choisir son vin pour le mariage ?

It's summer: how to choose your wine for the wedding?

Many future brides and grooms choose to get married during the summer, to take advantage of the beautiful warm and sunny days. This day is then the culmination of long months of organization, and among all the major decisions to be made, the choice of wine is always a little complex. Discover our tips for choosing wines for your wedding .

Which wines to choose for the reception?

After the wedding ceremony, the festivities can finally begin. And it traditionally begins with the reception . For a few hours, all the guests meet to raise a glass to the health of the newlyweds, but also to relieve the pressure a little after visiting the town hall and/or the church. Petits fours and other delicacies are served, and entertainment is sometimes offered.

The main difficulty of the wine of honor is to succeed in finding a bottle of wine which will suit everyone, or at least the greatest number of people. For this, it is always interesting, during a summer wedding, to offer a light and refreshing wine . The choice of wine can then be for a bottle of brut champagne or a blanc de vins, because the fine bubbles are always synonymous with celebration and conviviality. If your wedding budget does not allow it, you can also opt for other sparkling wines , particularly crémant.

As for still wines, rosé wine is a safe bet, especially in summer, because it brings a little freshness and highlights appetizers.

Which wines to choose for the wedding meal?

To choose the wines that will accompany your wedding menu , it is better to try to find the perfect food and wine pairing, rather than trying to satisfy everyone. Once the wedding meal is defined, you can then establish the list of bottles of wine that will highlight your dishes.

As a starter, it is advisable to start slowly, with light wines that will not saturate the taste buds. Dry white wines are therefore preferred, particularly to accompany fish or shellfish. On the other hand, if you decide to serve foie gras as a starter, it will be more judicious to accompany it with a sweet white wine or a semi-dry white wine, such as a Sauternes or a Côtes de Gascogne.

Along with the main course, tradition dictates that the wedding reception continues with red wine. For light red meat, it is then advisable to serve a light red wine , with fruity aromas, such as a good Burgundy. If you opt for game or strong red meat, it is better to serve full-bodied and powerful red wines , such as a Châteauneuf-du-Pape or a grand cru from the Rhône Valley.

If your main dish is composed of white meat, you can then stick with white wine , such as a Côte de Beaune. The same goes for a dish based on fish, which will work wonders with a Chablis, for example.

Then, to accompany the cheese platter, the most appropriate types of wine are not necessarily red wines, as we often think. Instead, try serving a dry white wine , to surprise and delight your guests.

To finish, the dessert or wedding cake is best enjoyed with sparkling wines , such as champagne or sparkling rosé wine.

What about champagne: when should it be served?

As we have seen, champagne is sometimes enjoyed as a reception, and sometimes rather with dessert. In reality, there are no real rules, because sparkling wine is a party wine that necessarily has its place on every table. At the reception, it seems almost unavoidable, and all guests expect to enjoy a small glass of sparkling wine.

For dessert, it is at the discretion of the future bride and groom. Bottles of champagne retain this festive side that we find when cutting the cake, but the dessert can sometimes be better highlighted by a white wine, for example.

How many bottles of wine should you bring?

Once the choice of wine is made, all that remains is to place an order. But how many bottles should you plan for? It all depends on the wines you have selected, and the dish they will accompany.

  • Champagne: whether served as a reception or with dessert, you should provide 1 bottle of champagne for 3 to 4 people ;
  • White wine: you should provide 1 bottle of white wine for 4 to 5 people ;
  • Red wine: you should provide 1 bottle of red wine for 3 to 4 people .

Of course, it all depends on the other drinks you offer your guests, but these quantities ensure you won't run out throughout the evening.

Are you planning to get married in the summer, and the question of choosing wines is already being asked? Follow our advice to select the best bottles, and discover our Provence wines to enjoy a perfect pairing and excellent value for money.

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