Comment bien choisir son vin blanc au restaurant ?

How to choose the right white wine in a restaurant?

Choosing your white wine in a restaurant is always a little tricky, because many criteria must be taken into account: the choice of the wine list, the dish it will accompany... And it's even more difficult if you choose a bottle for the whole table. Fortunately, here are some tips that will help you select a good white wine when dining out .

Make the right choice of restaurant

You will surely have noticed that not all restaurants offer the same wine list. We can even go further by affirming that not all restaurateurs are initiated into oenology. Also, if you want to enjoy a good white wine to accompany your menu , it is advisable to turn to restaurants that have a nice wine list.

For this, several elements can indicate to you that you are faced with a fine selection of wines , whether red wine, white wine, rosé wine or Champagne. The menu must already offer a varied and precise list of wines. But several mentions must also appear on the map:

  • The name of the appellation;
  • The name of the winemaker or estate;
  • The name of the vintage;
  • The vintage;
  • The grape varieties used;
  • The style of wine.

The more precise the information, the easier you will be able to choose your wine, and possibly ask specific questions to the waiter.

Choose white wine served by the glass

If not so long ago, wine flowed freely on restaurant tables, today, wine lovers are more moderate. It is therefore common for restaurateurs to offer wine by the glass . This allows you to drink in moderation, but also to choose a different wine for each dish, and thus have a perfect food and wine pairing .

White wine by the glass is also interesting when the other guests at your table do not want to drink the same wine as you.

It is therefore advisable to ask how long the bottle of wine has been open. For white wine, it is not recommended to drink a glass from a bottle of wine opened for more than 2 days.

Get advice from the waiter or sommelier

If you are going to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant that offers the services of a sommelier , do not hesitate to tell them about your wishes and questions. This wine professional will be able to advise you on choosing a white wine according to the dishes you have ordered, and according to your tastes: dry white wine, sweet white wine, fruity white wine...

If there is no sommelier in your restaurant, still ask the waiter for advice. You will quickly know if he knows anything about oenology or not. If he seems hesitant about the wines on the list , or if he directs you directly to the most expensive wines, then trust your instinct instead.

Taste white wine

To ensure you choose a wine that meets your expectations, the waiter will probably let you taste the white wine before serving you. This step should not be neglected.

Take the time to taste white wine

In France, the tradition is that the waiter or sommelier has the customer taste the wine before serving it. Initially, this process aims to check whether the wine does not present any defects, such as poor serving temperature, oxidation defects, or cork taint. If you detect one of these imperfections, do not hesitate to inform the server and refuse the bottle .

To properly taste white wine , you must take the time to swirl it in the glass, observe it and smell it, before putting it in your mouth to appreciate its flavors and aromas.

The serving temperature of a white wine is generally between 8 and 12°C. It will be served in a 10 cl glass.

Know the aromas of white wine

All white wines are different, and depending on their style, you will get varied aromas. Knowing the types of white wines can then help you make your choice.

  • Fruity white wine : aromas of citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit), exotic fruits (lychee, pineapple), melon, apple, walnuts, yellow fruits (peach, apricot), almond;
  • Floral white wine : notes of hawthorn, linden, acacia, honey, violet, rose, orange blossom;
  • Vegetal white wine : flavors of mushroom, fern, fresh grass, anise;
  • Spicy white wine : aromas of vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, saffron;
  • Other white wines: notes of butter, toasted almond, toasted bread, toasted hazelnut, caramel, coffee…

Food and white wine pairings

White wine accompanies many dishes served at the restaurant. You will be able to enjoy a good glass from aperitif to dessert:

  • With shellfish, oysters and seafood (Riesling, white Burgundy, Muscadet, Sauvignon blanc, etc.);
  • With fish in sauce (Chablis, Sancerre, Pinot Gris, etc.);
  • With grilled fish (Pouilly-Fumé, Beaujolais Blanc, dry Jurançon, etc.);
  • With poultry and white meats (Gewurztraminer, Muscat d'Alsace, Pinot Gris, etc.);
  • With cheese (vin jaune du Jura, Côtes-du-Rhône, Monbazillac, etc.);
  • For dessert (Sauternes, Gewurztraminer, Pineau des Charentes, etc.).

White Côtes de Provence to choose from at the restaurant

Here is a selection of the best AOC Côtes-de-Provence white wines that will not disappoint you in the restaurant:

  • White 2020 AOP Côtes de Provence Terres de Berne: a fresh and balanced white wine, with fruity aromas (lemon and pear);
  • White 2016 AOP Côtes de Provence Château de Berne Grande Cuvée: a round and balanced white wine, with notes of grilled hazelnuts, milk bread, pineapple and liquorice;
  • White 2019 AOP Côtes de Provence Château des Bertrands: a fresh and creamy white wine, with flavors of white-fleshed fruits;
  • White 2019 AOP Côtes de Provence Inspiration: a refreshing, balanced and round white wine, with aromas of citrus, pear and peach;
  • White 2019 AOP Côtes de Provence Le Pigeonnier: mineral and fresh white wine from Provence, with citrus notes.

You will no longer be caught off guard when ordering white wine at a restaurant . And if doubt persists, trust the white wines of Provence from our estates to delight your taste buds.

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