Les vins de Provence pour accompagner vos plats d'été

Provence wines to accompany your summer dishes

With the summer heat, our gourmet desires change, and we turn more readily to dishes and drinks marked by freshness. All you have to do is pair your summer dishes with your wines to fully enjoy all its flavors. Here is an idea of ​​food and wine pairings for the whole summer .

Wines to taste with a summer salad

To choose a wine that will perfectly accompany your summer salads, you must first of all know what will make up your dish.

With summer salads like Niçoise salad or Lyonnaise salad, it is recommended to turn to light, aromatic and fruity rosé wines . White wines can also be suitable, especially dry white wine , which will provide additional freshness and floral notes.

With a more gourmet salad, such as Périgord salad or Piedmontese salad, it is better to turn to more structured red wines , with aromas of candied fruits.

Which wine to accompany the traditional melon and raw ham salad?

If some people wonder whether melon is eaten as a starter or dessert, at Château de Berne, we especially wonder which wine to accompany the melon . If it is served with traditional cured ham, or even feta, you will then need to find a wine that will highlight both the sweetness and freshness of the melon, and the character and fat of the ham.

We can therefore only advise you to serve a good fruity and slightly tannic red wine , or to opt for a maceration rosé wine , sufficiently expressive and structured to highlight the flavors of the dish without being forgotten. These bottles of wine will perfectly accompany the aromatic complexity of the melon and raw ham salad, creating a balanced and memorable taste experience.

What summer wine and fish pairings?

If you are lucky enough to go on vacation by the sea, perhaps you will be tempted to taste a good fresh fish . Grilled on the barbecue, in foil, or in the oven, fish generally work wonders with a good white wine, mineral, dry and iodized . We then favor regional agreements, and that's good, since most iodized white wines are produced on the coast.

To go further, we can advise you to serve freshwater fish with dry white wines , and to reserve more powerful white wines for sea fish . As for red-fleshed fish, such as tuna or swordfish, you can dare to drink young and light red wine with your eyes closed.

The traditional barbecue: which wine to go with your grilled food?

Who says "summer", almost always says "barbecue". On a hot summer evening, or a lunch by the pool, nothing beats a little grill , just as tasty as it is friendly. The food and wine pairing will then depend on what you are going to place on your embers.

With the great barbecue classics, like chipolatas or white meat skewers, nothing beats a good fruity rosé wine in Côtes de Provence . If you prefer spicy dishes and merguez, it will be wiser to serve them with a bottle of light, fruity, and not too tannic red wine .

White wine will be reserved for pork and grilled fish, while prime rib will be served with a structured and powerful red wine .

Tabbouleh and rosé wine: the winning combination of the summer

Tabbouleh is often a choice accompaniment for summer meals. If we follow the logic of regional agreements, we will naturally turn to a bottle of rosé wine to accompany this dish based on sunny vegetables. In terms of rosé aromas, treat yourself by trying notes of red fruits, apricot, or even melon, because you will have little risk of going wrong. ORGANIC wines bring a natural and authentic dimension to this association.

If you want to go a little outside of the great classics, you can also serve floral or fruity white wine with your tabbouleh , but always avoid red wine, so as not to unbalance the aromas.

Our selection of summer wines from the MDCV group

Summer is finally here, and to take full advantage of this season, the MDCV group has selected for you several vintages of Provence wine that will work wonders with your dishes.

Summer is finally here, so take advantage of our advice to always accompany your summer dishes with the best wines of Provence .

Our selection of wines

Rosé Wine 2023 AOP Côtes de ProvenceGrande Récolte
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Rosé 2022 AOP Côtes de ProvenceGrande Récolte
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Rosé 2021 AOP Côtes de ProvenceGrande Récolte
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White 2017 AOP Côtes de ProvenceChâteau de Berne Grande Cuvée
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