Vin rosé : comment bien le choisir au restaurant cet été ?

Rosé wine: how to choose the right one in a restaurant this summer?

In summer, rosé wine is readily available on our tables, as it is appreciated for its freshness and lightness. At the restaurant, you have to find the right bottle that will appeal to everyone and adapt to the summer menu. Discover some tips for choosing your rosé wine at a restaurant this summer .

Find a good little restaurant with a terrace

The ideal way to fully enjoy your summer meal is to find a good restaurant with a terrace. Comfortably seated outside, you can fully enjoy a good glass of rosé wine under the summer sun. You still need to find a restaurant that will offer you a good wine list. To do this, you will need to be vigilant on several points:

  • The menu must be varied, with different styles of rosé wines , whether in terms of aromas, origins or prices. However, it must remain sober and easy to read;
  • Certain information is obligatory , such as the appellation, the name of the vintage, or the name of the domain.

Being able to choose between a bottle of rosé wine and rosé wine by the glass

Depending on the number of guests and everyone's wishes, it is not always worth buying a whole bottle. This is even more true in summer, where alcohol consumption and heat don't always go well together.

Wine by the glass is an option that allows you to drink in moderation, but also to test different rosé wines, and adapt them according to the different dishes on your menu.

Be careful to check how opened bottles are stored, and the date they were opened. Check with the waiter or sommelier that your bottle of rosé has not been uncorked for more than 2 days.

The first tasting: a guarantee of quality of the best rosés

We often think that waiters make us taste the wine to see if we like it, before serving a whole glass. In reality, this step is simply used to check that the rosé wine does not present any defects (cork taint, oxidation, etc.). To be sure to share good bottles of rosé wine with your guests, do not hesitate to taste them, and return them if they do not suit you.

Serving temperature: a major criterion for a summer rosé

Rosé wines are always popular in summer, as they are particularly refreshing. But that's no reason to drink it too cold! A rosé wine must have a good serving temperature, between 8 and 12°C . Above and below, the aromas will not be fully expressed, which will completely spoil your friendly tasting around a good table.

Respect the order of serving rosé wines

As with red wines or white wines, it is important to follow a certain logic in the order of serving rosés . It is better, then, to start with dry and light rosé wines, which will be discreet on the palate, and to gradually move towards more complex and tannic rosé wines. You can finish the meal with sweet wines with fresh fruit aromas.

Trust the professionals

To be sure of drinking a good chilled rosé wine in a restaurant, there is nothing simpler than asking the sommelier or the waiter. You will immediately see if he has mastered the subject and if he knows the bottles that make up his wine cellar well. He will then be able to guide you in choosing a rosé wine suited to your tastes and the dishes you are going to taste.

The criteria for rosé wines for this summer

You are seated around a beautiful table, with the wine list in your hands, and you no longer know where to turn? Here are some criteria to observe when choosing a good summer rosé :

  • The age of the wine, or vintage : rosé wines are generally drunk young. They then offer notes of red fruits, exotic fruits and flowers that are very pleasant on the palate. You can therefore turn to young vintages without fear. Of course, there are also rosé wines for aging, which are rarer and more expensive;
  • Alcohol content : if you want to refresh yourself and accompany a light dish, it is better to choose bottles of rosé with an alcohol content of 12% maximum. Beyond that, rosés will be made to accompany a main course (white meats, red meats, fish, etc.);
  • The aromas and style of rosé : you can also choose your wine according to your tastes. If you like sweet wines, you will need to taste a rosé with at least 4 grams of sugar per liter, while dry and fruity rosés have a lower sugar content. Note that the light or dark color of the rosé gives no indication of the sugar level;
  • The grape varieties and the appellation : the AOC (appellation d'origine contrôlée) are guarantees of quality for rosés, but you can also choose your bottle according to the grape variety. A rosé wine with light aromas is more likely to be made from Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, while full-bodied rosé wines are made from Syrah, Cinsault, or even Grenache.

In summer, nothing is more tasty, convivial and refreshing than a good glass of rosé. You now know all the tips for choosing a quality rosé in a restaurant .

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