Vin & concours : Les médailles sont à l'honneur

Wine & competitions: Medals are in the spotlight

Wine making is almost an art, as the vine is so complex to understand. Each winemaker works hard to find the perfect balance and produce quality wines. So, to reward his long hours of hard work, medals are awarded to the highest quality wines. Then discover the different wine awards .


All wine awards

When you want to choose a bottle of wine , it is always reassuring to turn to an award-winning wine . However, we must recognize that there are so many guides and competitions devoted to wine that it is difficult to find your way around. So, if a bottle of wine catches your eye, get in the habit of spotting the awards and ratings given, and take help from the different wine guides .

The main wine guides

If you are looking for a particular reference, or want to discover specific vintages, wine guides are full of oenological references that they evaluate by assigning scores.

  • The Parker guide : Robert Parker is a leading oenology critic and taster in the world of wine. Author of the Parker guide, he evaluates numerous wines, and gives them a score out of 100. An expert in powerful and strong wines, he lists numerous vintages, and very rarely mentions light wines;
  • The Gault & Millau guide : gastronomic guide founded in 1972, the Gault & Millau is renowned for its ratings of 20 numerous wines. A sure bet for choosing a good bottle, Gault & Millau particularly recommends wines with a score greater than or equal to 14/20;
  • The Hachette wine guide : another reference for wine tasters, the Hachette guide also references and evaluates wines, awarding one to three stars, or even awarding a “favorite”.


These oenology guides are obviously references, but they are not the only ones, and you will probably be able to find very good opinions on wines in other guides, such as the Gilbert & Gaillard guide, the Dussert-Gerber guide, or even the Revue du Vin de France.


The main wine competitions

To highlight certain wine estates and reward the know-how of winegrowers, wine competitions are regularly organized around the world. The rewards awarded are then a guarantee of quality that you can trust.

  • The Amphore competition : this competition, dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines, rewards the best wines in this category. Only professionals are authorized to be part of the jury (sommelier, wine merchant, restaurateur, etc.);
  • The Féminalise competition : the jury for this competition is exclusively made up of wine professionals and female oenophiles. We then find awards (gold, silver or bronze medals) for wines appreciated under the female gaze of oenology experts;
  • Regional competitions : highlighting the different French wine regions, these competitions evaluate wines from the same region, such as the Provence wine competition, or the Bordeaux wine competition.


Here again, other wine competitions are good references for choosing a wine , as is the case with the Paris General Agricultural Competition, or the independent winegrowers competition.


In the world of wine, there is no ultimate prize. This is mainly due to the great diversity of wines and the variety of consumer tastes. Each wine can thus stand out in its own category, but no wine can claim a supreme title, surpassing all others. In the same way, an award-winning wine may not please you if it does not correspond to your oenological affinities.


Medals and awards: a buying guide for the majority of wine lovers

Although some winegrowers never appear at the various wine competitions organized, it has nevertheless been proven, through several consumer studies, that 59% of wine lovers rely on medals to choose their wine .

The medal, whether in gold, silver or bronze, reassures the buyer about the quality of the wine, and 85% of French people say they trust this type of reward, and are even ready to pay more for the wine .

It is indeed a safe bet for the many consumers who find themselves lost in the face of the multitude of bottles offered at the wine merchant or in the wine section of a store.

So, when we know that 77% of wine lovers buy their bottles in department stores, we understand the importance of the rewards mentioned on the label. Because, in these large distribution brands more than elsewhere, buyers are left to their own devices, and must make a choice alone. A medal-winning wine is therefore a reference guide for them.


However, studies also reveal that consumers trust medals without really knowing their meaning.


Award-winning wines from the Berne estate

At Domaine de Berne, each wine reflects the terroir of Provence, and we are proud to be able to offer quality wines, which have won several awards .

The Romance vintage – IGP Méditerranée – rosé 2021

The Romance cuvée from Château de Berne is a refreshing and fresh rosé wine from Provence, with aromas of peach and apricot. Its elegance and beautiful aromatic balance earned it a score of 92/100 on the Wine Panel , and 91/100 on the Tasting Panel .

The Inspiration vintage – AOP Côtes de Provence – rosé 2021

With its pretty pale color with brilliant reflections and its aromas of small red fruits and white-fleshed fruits, the Inspiration vintage is an elegant and subtle wine from Provence . The Tasting Panel gives it a score of 93/100.

La Grande Cuvée de Berne – AOC Côtes de Provence – rosé 2021

La Grande Cuvée is an organic rosé wine from the Berne estate, which has won several awards for its elegant structure and aromatic complexity. It received the gold medal at the Provence wine competition , and several exceptional scores were awarded to it: 92/100 by the Wine Spectator , 92/100 by the Wine Enthusiast and 91/100 by the American critic James Suckling .



Do you still have trouble choosing a wine, faced with the multitude of bottles on offer? To guide you, do not hesitate to turn to vintages which have obtained one or more awards, and which are referenced in the best guides, as is the case with the wines of Provence from the Domaine de Berne .

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