Protégez vos bouteilles de vin des fortes chaleurs

How to protect your wine from high heat?

When summer comes, wine lovers who have a small (or large) collection of good bottles of wine worry about seeing the hot weather return. It must be said that this living product turns out to be very fragile, and particularly sensitive to strong temperature variations. Here are some tips for protecting wine from the high summer heat .

Temperature peaks: the enemies of wine

If it is advisable to keep a bottle of wine in a wine cellar , or in a protected space, it is because wine is particularly sensitive to heat, and more precisely, to temperature variations . In summer, the question of storing wine bottles arises, because it is necessary to be able to ensure a sufficiently cool ambient temperature, and without fluctuation.

Indeed, as soon as the temperature reaches and exceeds 30°C, as well as hot-cold variations, can have an impact on the oxidation of the wine , and therefore its aging (not to mention the fact that a wine that is too hot is very bad tasting). The cork also dries out quickly, allowing air to pass through, and speeding up the oxidation process.

But the high heat is not the only danger of wine in summer, because the light is not beneficial to it either. It degrades the tannins of the wine and accelerates its maturation. We then say that the wine has a " taste of light ", which results in reduced aromas (cauliflower, rotten egg, etc.), and a reduction in the intensity of the wine's aromas.

Wine and heat: how to store your bottles?

A heat wave is predicted, and you don't want to lose your precious bottles of wine? Here are some simple tips to follow to preserve the quality of your wines .

Protect the wine from high heat

Wine bottles must therefore be protected from heat and light . The ideal is therefore to invest in a wine cellar, which will maintain a good stable temperature, between 11 and 16°C. The cellar also provides protection against light and an excellent humidity level.

If you don't have a wine cellar, try to store your red wines, white wines and rosé wines in the coolest room in your home, in a dark space.

Good to know: during heatwaves, and throughout the summer, do not place your bottles of white and rosé wine directly in the fridge after purchase. The temperature variation would be too strong. Place them for a few hours, or even a few days, in a cool space in your home, before storing them in a cellar or refrigerator.

Storing wines in summer: always lay the bottles down

As we saw above, heat damages and dries out the cork. So, unless you choose wine bottles with glass caps or stoppers, it is strongly recommended to lay the bottles horizontally . This protects against the risk of leaking . This phenomenon results in a sticky neck, and reveals a dryness of the cork, which has ended up becoming porous and allowing the wine to pass through.

By storing bottles horizontally, the cork is constantly wetted by the wine, which prevents the cork from drying out.

Good to know: if a bottle has a leak, it is better to drink it as quickly as possible, because air penetrates inside and oxidizes the wine, which will deteriorate very quickly.

Going on vacation: what do we do with the wine?

Storing your bottles of wine doesn't have to spoil your summer vacation. If you store them at the ideal temperature, in a cellar or a space sheltered from light and heat , you can leave without any worries. You will find your good vintages intact on your return. And if you don't have suitable storage space, know that you can rent one during your vacation, whether in a dedicated cellar, or in a room with the right conditions.

And if you want to take a few good bottles with you, be careful during the journey, especially if it is very hot in the passenger compartment and the journey is long. The best, even if it is not very ecological, is to turn on the air conditioning before storing your bottles, and place them in an insulated bag . Then position them vertically to limit shaking.

The ideal is to wait until you are on vacation to buy the wine that you will consume on site. This is an opportunity to discover the terroir from local producers .

Wine does not like high heat at all, so it must be protected throughout the summer. A stable and sufficiently cool temperature will ensure that you preserve all the quality of your best bottles of wine. And if you are looking for wine for your holidays in Provence , do not hesitate to go to the Domaine de Berne, to discover the wines of Provence from our organic vineyard.

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