Les meilleures innovations dans le monde du vin

The best innovations in the world of wine

The history of wine goes back several millennia, and although this world is very marked by tradition, this in no way prevents it from moving forward and demonstrating innovation. Whether to make the work of winegrowers easier, or to offer wine lovers ever more exceptional vintages, discover all the best innovations in the world of wine .

Innovations focused on the environment

More and more people are invested in preserving the environment, and innovative solutions are invented every year to reduce the impact of wine production and consumption on the planet.

Cork stoppers without glue

Labrenta's Sughera cork stoppers have the advantage of being composed of a binding polymer which avoids the use of glue, a polluting compound. More resistant, this innovative stopper is also purer, since it prevents the crumbling of the cork and the proliferation of sticky substances in the wine. Your favorite wines are then perfectly preserved for prolonged aging, and the aromas are protected and preserved by this glue-free cork stopper .

A cap with a negative carbon footprint

The cork manufacturer Amorim unveiled its latest innovation in 2019: a wine bottle cork with a negative carbon footprint . From its production to its distribution, this technical cap reaches the incredible figure of -392 grams of CO2 per unit.

Following this innovation, the world leader in the cork industry created the Co2rk Retention brand, which aims to raise consumer awareness of sustainable viticulture. For this, a visual can be affixed to all wine bottles that use the Portuguese industrialist's revolutionary technique.

Ecological enhancement of wine bottles

Other innovations are also offered to wine growers who wish to stand out with labeling or packaging that is both innovative and respectful of the environment.

Gai France offers, for example, wine in cans , to preserve and market still rosé wines and sparkling wines . Equipped with a tap for easy serving, this wine can from the MLE 4441 CAN machine allows you to consider a new way of drinking wine. This innovation was rewarded at the SITEVI Innovation Awards.

Inessens has also invented a technique for labeling wine bottles allowing it to stand out, but also to fight against counterfeiting . To do this, the brand places a Fresnel lens on the label, offering visual differentiation to your good bottles.

Still at Inessens, the wine producer can differentiate himself thanks to cork bottle labels . Responding to the eco-design trend, this innovation aims to be modern, while working on the more traditional aspect of the material.

Innovative software and digital technologies

The world of wine is not immune to digitalization, and new revolutionary technologies are supporting the production and management of wines throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.

Track and identify wine bottles throughout the supply chain

Antares Vision has imagined a process for tracing and identifying wine bottles , ensuring the quality of the drink throughout its cycle. The BTT solution, or Beverage Tracking Technology, assigns each bottle a unique identifier, pre-printed on the label or capsule, to ensure precise tracking and uninterrupted traceability.

Optimize aging in oak barrels

To ensure optimal aging and protect the wine from Brettanomyces and Acetobacter, microorganisms which could damage it, SmartBung has developed a connected bung system which alerts the winemaker when topping up is necessary. The system is thus programmed by the cellar master according to the expected results, and allows a wine to age correctly .

Retain direct sales customers

In France, 84% of winegrowers do not have a merchant site to market their wines. Let's stay online has therefore invented a solution to allow direct customers to stay in touch with their favorite producers , and to continue ordering their best bottles. To do this, the platform offers direct sales sites, in order to highlight wine estates and allow consumers to choose and buy wine online from their favorite small producers. From sales to online communication, Restons en vigne takes care of everything.

New equipment for cellar masters

In the cellars too, our winegrowers are entitled to innovations that make their lives easier, or allow them to improve their production.

GalileOak: a rotating and spherical wooden tank

Invented by coopers Seguin and Moreau, the GalileOak vat revolutionizes the world of winemaking, by offering a wooden vat system that is both spherical and rotating . The objective is then to limit temperature variations, but also to ensure delicate punching down during fermentation. This new method of aging on lees is a clever blend of tradition and modernity.

G15R: the rotating and spherical concrete tank

In the same vein as the spherical tank of Seguin and Moreau, Galileo offers a fairly similar concept, this time designed in a concrete tank made of 100% natural material and without chemical additives. This solution then makes it possible to obtain tanks that are twice as efficient in terms of insulation, but above all half as heavy. The emphasis is then placed on the ease of movement and maneuverability of the product.

Very high precision measuring instruments

The dosage of SO2 represents a major issue for winegrowers, particularly when it comes to respecting the specifications of an appellation. So, to measure sulfur simply and quickly , LDS has implemented very high precision measuring instruments.

Used in all stages of winemaking, and in particular after alcoholic fermentation and alcoholic fermentation, the instruments invented by LDS are of several types:

  • The œnomodule allows for precise analyzes of several components, such as residual sugar or assimilable nitrogen, making this essential data easily accessible to each wine estate;
  • The ALM benchtop hydrometer measures the density of wines and musts, as well as the alcohol content.

Thanks to these measuring tools , winegrowers have very precise data telling them when to add sulfur, and in what quantity. This revolutionizes oenological practices and ensures exceptional vintages for all winegrowers.

Through these different innovations around wine , we detect the true dynamics of the wine industry, and all the opportunities offered to our winegrowers. We can only encourage such discoveries, and the Berne estate is always very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​contributing to these innovations.

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